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As the kings and originators of the toys-to-life genre, there are surely high expectations whenever a new Skylanders game is released.  With each new game, Skylanders brings new features that make us love this franchise more and more.  This time, there are multiple new, exciting features as well as exclusions of previous annoying hindrances that make Skylanders SuperChargers easily the best game in the franchise.



If you’ve played any of the previous Skylanders games, you can guess what the premise of Skylanders SuperChargers is.  Once again, Kaos is seeking to destroy the realm of Skylands.  While the Skylanders universe features characters that are all lovable in their own way, even the maniacal Kaos, they are about the only part of the story that you will feel drawn to.  Unfortunately, the story in Skylanders SuperChargers is nothing to be excited about, and fails to set itself apart from the tales of previous Skylanders games.  Yet, that is all easily looked past as the main reason we play Skylanders is for the gameplay and each figure’s unique playstyles.



There are a couple new additions to Skylanders SuperChargers that really innovate the franchise.  Firstly, you can now pair up with a friend and quest through missions via online multiplayer.  If your friend has different Skylanders figures than you, this is a great way to see the playstyles of other characters yourself and decide if it is a figure that you would like to purchase.  The Skylanders card game, Skystones, which is basically the Skylanders version of Hearthstone, is also available to play against friends.  Each class of Skylanders figurine has its own set of cards and special ability, and new cards can be found through various treasure chests across Skylands or by purchasing them from the shop in the Academy.  The final component to the addition of multiplayer is the game’s car racing feature.  Players can choose to race on land, air, or by sea, and compete against friends in a Mario Kart-style circuit race.

The addition of vehicles to Skylanders is something that is functional and fun, yet doesn’t make you feel obligated to purchase a plethora of figurines like previous Skylanders games did in order to have full access to the game.  All you need to access each area of the game is by having one of each vehicle: land, air, and sky, rather than being restricted by numerous character types.  This exclusion of previous Skylanders nickle-and-diming techniques is wonderful as it doesn’t make us feel limited in our gameplay, nor put the burden on parents to feel pressured by their children who are unable to make their way through various parts of the game without having their parents spend more money.


As always, the world of Skylands is a vast, wonderful place.  Each area you traverse through while spending time is Skylanders SuperChargers will have you amazed, impressed, and filled with excitement.  And boy will you be spending a lot more time in it than you would expect, as the game clocks in at around 20 hours, depending on how much time you spend treasure-hunting and playing Skystones.



Graphically, Skylanders SuperChargers is definitely a beauty.  Gameplay sequences in the air feature beautiful, fluffy clouds and bright blue skies; underwater segments feature crisp, blue water and colorful oceanlife; while land segments are just as pretty, with areas ranging from dusty to lush and full of life.  However, if you decide to purchase Skylanders SuperChargers on the WiiU, you have to make note that you are making a trade-off.  Having Skylanders on WiiU does allow you to use the Bowser and Donkey Kong figurines, but this version is not as graphically intensive.  The game is still beautiful on the WiiU version, and if you are purchasing the game for someone who loves Nintendo games, then it is likely a fair trade-off.



One of the best features of Skylanders SuperChargers is the voice acting.  The voice acting truly makes each character come to life, with personalities that make for lovable, exciting characters.  The overall soundtrack for Skylanders SuperChargers is efficient, and hearing the coins you collect clink up as you walk over them is satisfying.  The music in the game might not be memorable, but it is methodical enough for us to not feel bored and keeps us feeling an upbeat, happy, fun-loving vibe.



If you are looking for a toys-to-life game, Skylanders SuperChargers is the best you can get.  With the addition of multiplayer, vehicles, and racing, along with re-inclusion of Skystones and various lovable characters, Skylanders SuperChargers is easily our favorite toys-to-life game.  The game does cost a pretty penny, along with the inevitable purchases of more vehicles and characters, yet the game will bring so much joy and excitement that it will all seem worth it.


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