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E3 2014: New Batman Arkham Knight Trailer Released


Posted June 9, 2014 by


E3 2014 has been teeming with gameplay trailers that have knocked our socks clean off.  Announced at the Sony Conference recently, UK based studio Rocksteady Games are set to release a new installment of the caped crusader titled Batman: Arkham Knight.

Sony fans were gifted with a fantastic looking demo that was filled to the brim with the caliginous atmosphere of Batman games that we all know and love, as well as some epic Batmobile combat and what appears to be a mechanically revolutionized Batman suit.

If that wasn’t enough for us, the demo also featured some classic hand-to-hand combat and a cameo from one of the Arkham Asylum’s highlights and one of our favorite Batman villains, the Scarecrow.

A few things that sold us about this game is firstly, Rocksteady games have not forgotten the formula for creating an epic Batman game and they have all the staples needed for a Batman game down pat, and secondly, they sure do know how to create a captivating and fluid gameplay trailer.

If anything, this could be one of the best Batman games yet.




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