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Castle of Illusion Remake Gets a Developer’s Diary Video!


Posted July 22, 2013 by


A 7 minute video diary was released today from Sega Studios, the developers of the updated Castle of Illusion game. The original Castle of Illusion released for the SNES, and was one of the most successful games ever released for the console. The developers at Sega Studios during their update emphasize their goal of keeping the feel for the game the same, without “running away with the game.” This is a huge undertaking, because the first Castle of Illusion was so renowned for its uniqueness. One of the ways Sega Studios is doing this is to update the soundtrack, but still have some of the original tracks playing during some stages. This saves the sense of nostalgia , while still being able to update the game.

The story of Castle of Illusion revolves around Mickey Mouse’s quest to save his girlfriend Minnie Mouse. Mickey follows Minnie into a castle, where an evil witch set up illusions to try and stop Mickey. Each level takes place in a different illusion, from a bookcase to a sugary wonderland to a forest. “I think they’ll love it,” says one of the many developers working on the game, “We all love it.”




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Source: Joystiq

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