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The Best Retro Star Wars Games to Ever Hit This Galaxy!


Posted February 14, 2014 by

Star Wars Battlefront (PS2, Xbox, PC, 2004)


When Battlefront came along, fans were ready for a seriously impressive Star Wars multiplayer shooter, and it certainly delivered. Pandemic and Lucas Arts took the vast Star Wars universe and combined it with elements of games like Battlefield, bringing together fans of both for a partnership of colossal proportions. With the PC/MAC versions supporting up to 64 players in an online match, and the Playstation 2 and Xbox versions supporting up to 32, it made for some pretty intense games. The single player campaign was nothing to scoff at either, and featured three modes to choose from: Campaign, Galactic Conquest (where you could literally conquer entire planets!) and Instant Action. While it is admittedly not quite as good as its successor, Battlefront II, it is after all the original and still brilliant in its own right.


Now, I do want to throw out a disclaimer here, my Epic dears. This was a list of our favorite retro Star Wars games, which means there won’t be anything here that has come out in the past 10 years, and believe me, there have been plenty. So don’t be too hurt if some of your favorites didn’t make the cut. In fact, let us know which Star Wars games are your all time favorites! Which game gives you the old school (or even new school) tingles? Do you prefer gaming it up as a Jedi, Bounty Hunter, or pilot? Which side of the force is calling to you? (The Dark Side does have cookies, just sayin’). So enjoy the list, and go grab a nice tall glass of that weird, blue Bantha milk, fire up your old systems (or hunt down the elusive arcade game), and enjoy all of the nostalgic goodness. Oh yeah, may the force be with you.


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