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The Best Retro Star Wars Games to Ever Hit This Galaxy!


Posted February 14, 2014 by

Star Wars Dark Forces (Playstation, MAC 1995)


In terms of Star Wars first person shooters, Dark Forces is one of the originals that got the ball rolling. Though it doesn’t get mentioned a lot in lists like these, it was very successful and has a cult following among fans and remains a favorite for a lot of people. It paved the way for games like Battlefront, and one thing that really seems to stick out is its storyline. You play as Kyle Katran, a mercenary (and eventual Jedi) who tragically loses his parents (which seem to be a running theme in the Star Wars universe) and as a result finds himself working with the Rebel Alliance to help take down the Empire. The game spawned plenty of sequels, as well as action figures, novels, and comics all following the expansion of the story, and singlehandedly expanded upon the already vast material successfully.


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