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E3 2014: New Suda 51 Title ‘Let it Die’ Revealed


Posted June 9, 2014 by


At E3 this year, we’re witnessing no shortfall of PlayStation 4 exclusive titles such as a much awaited title from Japanese gaming industry veteran, Suda 51, Let it Die.

Suda 51′s latest epic is a gruesome, thrilling, third-person title with no shortage of grim combat sequences, and lots of gore and rear-end kicking to be had.

Let it Die’s hyper-violent trailer also showed us a string of ominous and gruesome combat progressions albeit with an array of weapons such as hatchets, batons, axes, flame throwers and other weapons designed to scramble someone’s eggs immensely, all with corresponding features and statistics.

At a glimpse, this seems like the Suda 51 game we’ve been wanting for quite a while and after the reaction we saw at the Sony Conference, it is looking promising. Players will be able to grab this game later this year.





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