NYCC 2013: Once Upon a Time Panel Talks Season 3, Charming, Neal, and More


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Today at NYCC Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz brought along lost girl Jennifer Morrison, and provided insight and their thoughts on what has been happening in Season 3 so far, and how they feel about it. Jennifer Morrison – Emma Swan in OUAT, is particularly fond of the latest season due to how in depth the writers are taking emotions. With the main bunch of characters back together, dynamics that fans loved – and maybe even those that haven’t been touched on yet, are able to be played upon. Adam and Ed, however, find that this season is no easier to write than the previous two, and find that they are constantly making an effort to bring something bigger and better to Oncers every Sunday. Warning! Proceed with caution, there are light spoilers ahead.

One thing that should be noted is when you see Emma in a tank top, it means business, or rather that an action scene is up ahead. It was a nice try on the characters’ end that boarded the Jolly Roger to take clothes with them – seeing as each brought a backpack along. Kitsis’ response to this? Well, it goes a little something like ,”They tried to take backpacks to out smart us and they say these are our wardrobes so we have clothes for when it is cold. We said ‘that’s ok we will just send a fleet of mermaids in to destroy them.’”

Other things that were touched on were:

  • What the heck is going on in Storybrooke? Well, fans will soon be able to find out, and the writers plan to keep everyone watching in the loop, meaning the moment the ship goes into the portal to Neverland and beyond, Oncers will get glimpses of what’s going down in our world.
  • When it comes to Charming, there will be the struggle with knowing the Dreamshade has no cure, and how to keep his focus on the task at hand – which is saving Henry.
  • For those keeping up with the show, you’ll know that the introduction of Peter Pan gave Oncers a villain outside of the royal family – at least that’s what can be gathered right now. “We don’t even talk to him – he scares us! We had a cast party last week and it was the first time I had met him in person. I turned and saw him and my first instinct was to run away,” Horowitz commented. It should also be noted that Peter Pan is a nasty kid, and his intentions, and why he is the way he is will be completely understood eleven episodes into the third season of Once Upon A Time.
  • As for Emma and Neal’s reunion? There wasn’t a confirmation, but Kitsis added, “There are things you say to people when they are about to die and fall into a portal and then there are the things you say when things calm down and you actually have time to talk.”




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