NYCC 2013: Star Wars Rebels Reveals New Villian The Inquisitor


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The Star Wars Rebels panel at New York Comic Con 2013 gave us an early look at the new villain called the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor’s design really fits what his task is and the executive producer Dave Filoni feels that the Inquisitor “captures what evil [means] and the enemy”. The Inquisitor is sent by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi. Dave Filoni mentions that as soon as Darth Vader walks onto the scene he will be the focus and everyone knows he is the evil of the empire. Introducing the Inquisitor allows watchers and audience to experience a different evil that still captures what we know of the Empire. Dave is hoping that the Inquisitor might make room for a new marquee of evil in the Star Wars saga like how Darth Vader is.

Dave Filoni knows how much people like the Empire and how they just have the look and feel of what the enemy really is. Dave knew that once they hit the scene that people will like it, but in the video, lets us know that between episode 3 and 4 of Star Wars allows enough time for new villainous characters to emerge that we may have not have been aware of.



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