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Phil Spencer Declares Microsoft’s New Vision is Games


Posted April 4, 2014 by


Following Monday’s announcement that Phil Spencer, former head of Microsoft Game Studios is now taking charge of the entire Xbox division, it appears that Microsoft’s new aim is going to be, “gaming first,” following what Spencer calls a series of, “wrong decisions,” leading up to his appointment. Speaking in an interview posted on Major Nelsons official blog, Spencer said, “There’s a lot of learning that I did as a leader within the organization, when I heard how our message resonated with people and how some of the decisions that we made, that I think were actually the wrong decisions, [it was clear then that] we then had to revisit those decisions.” Throughout the rest of the interview Spencer continues to iterate that moving forward, Microsoft’s aim is going to be, “games, games, games.”

Spencer believes that E3 2014 is the perfect time to show the fans what this new vision of Xbox entails. “I had a big content review just yesterday, it’s kind of like inside baseball, but people will see that we are almost every week sitting down with the teams and looking at what do we want to put on stage, what do we want to announce, what do we really want to push. We’re gonna push games, I thought we did a good job last year announcing a lot of new games and having games, games, games be the focus of the show, I want to do the same thing again this year.”

A link to the video is embedded below, I suggest you watch it in its entirety as this game focused redirection could be exactly what the Xbox needs to revitalize its struggling image.



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Source: Major Nelson