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Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept Expansion Out on PS4 Today


Posted June 24, 2014 by


Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept is out in North America today and it ready for download in the PlayStation store. With this expansion comes a ton a new things to try out explore with friends. Was it mention that this is an online co-op expansion?You and your friends will have to think with your heads and work with your team. All four of you will try to establish a uplink to headquarters while planning out each other’s role in the mission.

With this expansion comes tons of information on the different roles, new area maps, bosses as well as hordes of other enemies coming your way there won’t be too much time for anything else but to conquer or fall. Lastly, the Killzone expansion is 9.99$, if you have the Killzone: Shadow Fall season pass holders its free of charge. The standalone expansion will be available early August for 19.99$.




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Written by Guest Contributor: Paul Campbell Jr.



Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor