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Epic Rumor: Has NeoGAF Uncovered New Game Modes Coming to Titanfall?


Posted June 30, 2014 by

A diligent NeoGAF user has discovered a hidden cache of possible games modes that could be heading to Titanfall in future updates. RazorUK who was responsible for a number of Titanfall related leaks in the weeks leading up to the game’s March release discovered, “new text and script related to new game modes,” in the June Patch source files.

Respawn has since confirmed two of the modes, Marked for Death and Wingman Last Titan Standing. Marked for Death is live in the current game mode rotation and Wingman Last Titan Standing is scheduled to be released in the next update, which Respawn have described as being just around the corner.

The following list is a quick summary of RazorUK’s findings, for a complete breakdown of his timely discoveries please follow the link provided below.

Possible Game Modes coming to Titanfall in future unannounced updates include:

“Wingman Last Titan Standing – Last team with Titans standing wins

Marked for Death – Kill the marked pilot

Titan Tag – No description

Capture the Titan – Capture the Titan and bring it to your base

Bodyguard (TITAN_ESCORT) – No description

Big Brother – Attack and defend the control panel”



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Written by guest contributor: Reecefairhead




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Guest Contributor