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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Review “Us”

The Walking Dead Season 5
The Walking Dead Season 5
The Walking Dead Season 5

Posted March 24, 2014 by

Warning: Full spoilers ahead!

After a shocking episode last week, “The Walking Dead” took a step back and gave us a bit of hope in this week’s episode. The episode titled “Us” focuses on most of our main characters with the exception of Carol and Tyrese. We finally get a glimpse of Terminus, but it remains to be seen if Terminus truly is the sactuary our survivors are hoping it will be.

We begin with Glen, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita walking down the train tracks. Glen and Tara are still looking for Maggie, and Abraham is looking for a new vehicle to transport Eugene to Washington D.C. Eugene starts talking to Tara and wants to know what kind of video games she use to play; Tara ignores him. Later that night, Tara keeps watch but Abraham insists she go to sleep. She tells him she can stay up and keep watch, but Abraham says he hasn’t seen her sleep yet. He wants to know why she doesn’t sleep, and Tara tells him simply it is because of something she did. The next morning, the group walks down the train tracks again and Glen comes across one of Maggie’s signs; he takes off running down the tracks.

While Glen is searching for Maggie, Daryl’s new group gets woken up by a walker in one of their traps. One of the guys kills the walker and they notice Daryl is missing but his stuff is still with them. Joe says Daryl is not dumb enough to go out on his own at this point and is probably out hunting.

While the guys wake up, Daryl is hunting a rabbit. He has the rabbit in his sight, but when he goes to take the shot another arrow is shot and hits the rabbit first. It’s one of Joe’s men that took the shot and Daryl yells at him. The guy tells Daryl the rule is whoever shoots the prey first gets it; Daryl says he has been up all morning hunting and since he saw the rabbit first, it’s his. The guy taunts Daryl by implying Daryl is upset about losing a girl (which he is), and Daryl reaches for his knife. Joe intervenes before Daryl can stab the guy, and Joe begins to explain the rules of the group to Daryl. He allows the two men to split the rabbit in two, and explains they simply need to “claim” items, such as weapons, food, beds, etc., and it becomes their property. This keeps the order amongst the men. Lying is also not allowed. Joe tells Daryl they want him to be a part of the group since he is a skilled hunter and knows how to survive. Daryl is hesitant to tell Joe whether or not he wants to stay with them, but he keeps following Joe regardless.

Meanwhile, Rick is talking strategy to Michonne and Carl when he notices Michonne and Carl are not walking directly behind him. He turns around and sees the two of them balancing on the train tracks and laughing. Carl says they have a bet, and when Michonne falls off the tracks first, Carl wins a candy bar. Rick smiles as Carl shares his candy bar with Michonne.

Somewhere else on the train tracks, Abraham tells Glen they need to stop. They had not rested ever since Glen saw Maggie’s sign and he tells them it’s no use being tired if they can’t defend themselves. They came across a tower and Abraham insists they stop and rest in the tower; a walker falls from the tower and while trying to avoid the falling walker Tara falls and hurts her knee. Glen wants to keep going, so he makes a deal; since Eugene is important for Abraham’s mission, Glen will give Eugene his riot gear if they all agree to keep walking. Abraham agrees.

As they continue to walk, they come to a train tunnel and can hear walkers within the tunnel. There is also another one of Maggie’s signs on the outside. Glen wants to go through the tunnel since he thinks Maggie walked through it and it is the fastest way to get to Terminus. Abraham decides it is too dangerous and decides to part ways with Glen and Tara. He gives them canned food and a flashlight before they leave.

As they walk through the tunnel, Glen comes upon a wall of rubble and walkers. Part of the ceiling of the tunnel collapsed and trapped the walkers in the rubble. Glen and Tara stab the walkers in the head one by one, and climb to the top of the rubble. They see dozens of walkers on the other side of the rubble, and Glen uses the flashlight to make sure none of them are Maggie; as he does this he attracts the attention of the walkers. In order to get pass the walkers, Glen puts the flashlight on one side of the rubble to make the walkers go to the light. He and Tara climb over the top but Tara’s falls due to her weak knee and gets stuck her foot trapped under a rock.

Outside the tunnel, Abraham comes across some abandoned cars and finds one that works. Eugene insists on being the navigator even though Rosita tells him he got them lost last time he was in charge. Eugene insists on navigating and Rosita gives in. Unbeknownst to Rosita, Eugene leads them to the other side of the train tunnel. Rosita gets angry that Eugene did not lead them toward Washington DC but toward the tunnel, and Eugene explains he wants to help Glen and Tara and he thinks Glen and Tara will be somewhere near. Abraham wakes up from a nap in the backseat and instantly gets upset with Rosita, assuming she drove them to the tunnel. As they argue and she explains it was not her fault, Eugene sees something outside the car and yells at his companions. They stop fighting and stare at whatever Eugene sees.

Meanwhile, Daryl’s new group finds a car shed and sleeps there through the night. The following morning the guy who picked a fight with Daryl earlier accuses Daryl of stealing the other half of his rabbit. Daryl thinks the guy planted the rabbit on him and the two argue. Both men insist they did not do what the other is accusing them of, but Joe knows the guy is lying; Joe saw him plant the rabbit in Daryl’s bag. Since he lied, the rules of the group say this guy gets a beating, and the other guys begin beating him up.

Back in the tunnel, Glen struggles to move the rock that caught Tara’s foot. Tara tells Glen to leave her and go find Maggie, but Glen won’t abandon her. She yells at him to leave and he considers it for a second then decides to stay and goes to kill the walkers. Glen runs out of bullets and right before the two of them get attacked a car drives up to them and some people come out and shoot all the walkers. After the gun fire stops, Glen looks at the people and sees Maggie.

It turns out Eugene saw Maggie, Sasha, and Bob outside the tunnel. They joined together and went to save Glen and Tara. The two groups unite and Abraham wants the eight of them to go to DC. Eugene explains they will not make it together in their van, so they should go to Terminus to see if they have supplies and stock up. The group agrees.

As Joe’s group leaves the car shed, Daryl sees a bunch of blood on the ground and when he walks outside he finds the guy beaten to death. As they walk on the train tracks, they come across a sign for Terminus and Daryl asks Joe what their plan is. Joe tells Daryl Terminus is a lie and that they are tracking a man that killed one of the men in their group. Based off of the description of the man, Daryl knows Joe is referring to Rick.

We end with Glen’s group arriving at Terminus. They simply open the gates to the complex and come across flowers and crops growing throughout. As they walk through another unprotected gate they come across a woman cooking. She turns around and introduces herself as Mary and tells them to go settle in and she will bring them a plate. It clearly looks like Terminus might be too good to be true.

And so finally two groups unite and it seems clear the other groups are right behind them. It was nice to see Glen and Maggie reunite, but I sensed a little foreshadowing when Maggie burned Glen’s photo of her and told him he would never need another photo of her again. Could this be a hint that Glen might die? We will have to wait and see. It is also curious Joe’s band is searching for Rick; how long can Daryl pretend he does not know Rick, Carl, and Michonne. It’s apparent that Daryl is not comfortable with Joe’s group, so I am not worried about his loyalty to Rick, it will just be interesting to see how this plays out. I have a feeling it will not turn out well.

And regardless of the inter-workings of these groups and relationships, it seems everyone is risking their lives by going to Terminus. The fact that the gates are not locked and there seemed to be no fortification outside Terminus instantly made me uneasy. And were the flowers growing in the gardens a signal back to last week’s episode when Carol told Lizzie to “Look at the flowers” before she killed her? Also, how does Joe know Terminus is not a sanctuary? Has he been there before, or is he somehow connected to it? Also, where the heck is Beth?!? There are clearly a lot of questions left to be unanswered, and I have a feeling we will not get all of our answers during next week’s season finale, but I certainly hope we get a reunion of sorts between our prison survivors; whether or not this reunion will be pleasant remains to be unseen.


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