PSN Update Adds New PS1 and PSP Titles to the Vita


Posted April 22, 2014 by


A lot has been going on this past weekend with Sony and PSN. Over the course of the weekend, Sony suddenly had a sale on plenty of classic PS1 titles for only 99 cents each; games like Spyro, Crash, etc. Plenty of people were overjoyed by this (especially with the cheap price). However, there was one thing people didn’t like – there were no options to play these on the Vita.

This changed due to the latest PSN update, which allows players to download previously purchased PS1 and PSP titles that weren’t available on the Vita originally. All of the available titles are viewable on the PlayStation Store’s download list, and includes the games that were on sale over the weekend. It’s important to note that these titles are only viewable on the PS Store downloads list. Searching the title directly won’t get you any results. So here’s how it’ll work:

You can get these if you purchased them digitally any time in the past. It also has to still be in your download list. You can also buy it even if it’s been pulled from the store, as long as it’s still on your list. Finally, you will not be able to get these if the title was pulled from the store and the lists, or if the title wasn’t made available for PSP transfer. Make sure to check out the available titles on the download list when you can!



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