There was a Resident Evil 1.5? The game that could have been Resident Evil 2.


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Resident Evil 2 is the game most RE fans will say is their favorite. Me personally, I’d say the first Resident Evil since it scared the crap out of me when I was younger. Come on, I know you remember the scene when the zombie dog burst through that window in the hallway. Seriously, still scares me. But one thing you might not know is there was a sequel to the first Resident Evil that never made it to shelves dubbed Resident Evil 1.5.

Once the original Resident Evil was complete in 1996, a month later development began for a sequel. The team behind the game called the early build Resident Evil 1.5. The game had the same plot as Resident Evil 2 involving Raccoon City filled with zombies months after the events of the first game. The two playable characters were a young rookie cop named Leon S. Kennedy, and college student returning home to Raccoon City named Eliza Walker. One big change between these two main protagonists is they never really crossed paths in 1.5, yet they had their own cast of supporting characters. Leon received help from a fellow officer named Marvin Branagh, a researcher named Linda and Ada Wong. Eliza was aided by Sherry Birkin and a man named John, who appeared in Resident Evil 2 as the short lived gun shop owner Robert Kendo. Some of the other changes came in form of the zombies looking under detailed; weapons were different, all the areas looked different especially the police station which looked more realistic, there was an actual end to the story with no set up for a third game and the list goes on and on. The game was in the process of being developed by a 40 to 50 person team and was at development stage 60-80 percent when the games producer, Shinji Mikami, pulled the plug. He said that Resident Evil 1.5 was lacking the desired quality in the aforementioned period, and the gameplay and locations were “dull and boring”. Only a few things were recycled from Resident Evil 1.5 and they decided to wash their hands of it and start fresh.

Resident Evil 1.5 may have never happened, but that hasn’t stopped the web from getting their hands on a bunch of videos of the extinct project. Check out the video of the Resident Evil sequel that never happened.

Resident Evil 1.5 All Footage:


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    Kinda happy they started over. Resident Evil 2 was the best.