Fallout 4’s Latest Update Fixes A Bug In Nuka-World


Posted September 30, 2016 by

Bethesda’s latest update for Fallout 4 was aimed at fixing an annoying bug in the Nuka-World DLC. While there was a potential quest breaking bug, it was squashed quickly thanks to this update.

If Gage is the active companion for the quest “The Grand Tour,” then there was a problem where the quest became impossible to complete. While fixing that bug, the update also addresses mods for PC and Xbox One.

Here are the full patch notes:


  • General updates to Bethesda.net Mods

Nuka-World Fixes

  • Fixed issue where “The Grand Tour” could not be completed if Gage was your active companion when the quest started.

Far Harbor and Contraptions Workshop

  • Far Harbor and Contraptions were also updated on PC, Xbox One and PS4 with minor updates
  • Far Harbor (JP) was updated to fix untranslated strings

The new update is already available on Xbox One and PC and will becoming to PlayStation 4 very soon.




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