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Now that Summer 2015 is in full swing new fans all around the world will quickly stream anime releases. With so many new titles and several returning series, it can be difficult sifting through all the options to find a few gems to focus your time on. Well, we here at All That’s Epic would like to lend you a hand in setting up your anime queues. Here you will find five brand-new titles that are highly anticipated by readers of the Anime News Network and Charapedia that definitely seem worth the watch.


5. Monster Musume – Everyday Life With Monster Girls

Summer Anime Monster Musume

Three years ago the Japanese government acknowledged the existence of mythical creatures and passed a legal bill known as the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act.” Since then “liminals” have been living with ordinary families like foreign exchange students. Kimihito Kurusu did not volunteer to house a liminal, but when Ms. Smith delivers a scared and embarrassed lamia, half-human half-snake, to his door he does not have the heart to turn her away. As events progress several female liminals, each a different species, end up living with him. Kimihito tries to fend off their romantic advances while teaching them about the human world, but he soon learns that due to expected changes in the human-liminal laws it is hoped he will marry one of the girls.

Based off the manga of the same name this anime is certainly the quirkiest suggestion on the list. A part of the harem genre with a mythological twist, this series is expected to be full of gratuitous fan service and unnecessary breast-to-face contact. Still, the characters and premise are fairly interesting making it a promising series to watch. The series will premiere in Japan on July 8th.


4. Gangsta

Gangsta Anime

The city of Ergastulum is a shady place, filled with petty thieves, prostitutes, and dirty cops. However there are some deeds that are far too dirty for its inhabitants to take care of, so they call in the “Handymen.” Nic and Worick take on the jobs no one else will handle, not caring whether the police or gangsters are the ones who recruit them. One day a familiar cop on the force requests their help in taking down a new gang trying to muscle in on territory controlled by a top Mafia family. Little do they know they are getting a lot more than they bargained for.

Based off of the popular crime manga that has six released volumes in Japan the anime is set to premiere July 2nd. The series will be simulcast via the anime streaming website Crunchyroll.


3. God Eater

God Eater Anime
In 2071 mysterious monsters known as the Aragami have mostly destroyed Japan. An organization known as Fenrir was created to fight the monsters by using weapons know as God Arcs, living weapons created from the cells of Aragami. The ones who wield these weapons are know as “God Eaters,” and fight a desperate war to prevent humanity’s extinction.

Based off the video game series of the same name this anime promises to be an action-heavy wild ride. Though I tend to be hesitant of games made into anime, as their story seems to lose something once the interactive element is taken away, this series looks very promising. Additionally, the promotional videos feature a beautiful animation style hinting the visuals are something to behold. This anime is set to release in Japan on July 5th.


2. Snow White With the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayukihime)

Anime Snow White With the Red Hair

Shirayuki is a normal citizen of the kingdom of Tanbarun aside from one unique feature: her red hair. When the Tanbarun’s Prince Ruji orders her to become his concubine she cuts her hair and flees to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines. On the way she is able to cure Clarines’ secondary prince, who was poisoned by an apple meant for her. The anime follows Shirayuki as she establishes her new life as a court pharmacist while still being pursued by Tanbarun assassins.

Snow White With the Red Hair is based off the ongoing manga series of the same name which has thirteen published volumes, and a fourteenth set to release in early July. It is being produced by Bones studio, known for the two anime adaptations of the manga Fullmetal Alchemist. This anime is set to release in Japan on July 6th.


1. Charlotte

Anime Charlotte

In an alternate world a small percentage of the population is able to manifest powers upon hitting puberty, such as super speed, invisibility, and the ability to talk to the dead. When students at Hoshinoumi Academy face problems that arise from their powers the student council is there to help. Yu Otosaka is a first-year student at the Academy and has been able to live a fairly normal school life by hiding his ability. However after Yu meets Neo Tomori, student council president, the destiny for those wielding special abilities threatens to be unleashed.

This anime has been getting a decent amount of hype due to Jun Maeda, who worked on the heart-wrenching anime Angel Beats! Maeda is the lead writer for the scripts and music in Charlotte, a similar role he held on the production of Angel Beats! With the great success and popularity of his prior work fans are excited to see this series. The anime’s first episode is set to premiere in Japan on July 4th, and will be simulcast via the anime streaming website Crunchyroll.

Did you agree with these rankings? Is there another new anime that you think people should put into their queues? Let us know in the comments below!

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