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The Vampire Diaries S5/E13 Recap “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 Total Eclipse of the Heart
The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 13 Total Eclipse of the Heart

Posted February 7, 2014 by

In this week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we find out how Katherine plans to keep acting like Elena and the challenges she will likely face while trying to win back Stefan. We also learn that Dr. Wes Maxfield is still a force to be reckoned with despite Aaron’s reassurances from last week.

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We begin with Katherine siting in a park at Whitmore College emulating Elena by writing in a diary. She tells her diary that she is finally happy again because she is healthy, everyone loves her, and she is a vampire again. She also talks about how she plans to win back Stefan Salvatore.

Later in the day, Catherine, Bonnie, and Katherine go to their Sociology class. Bonnie notices a girl sitting next to her using what looks like magic. Bonnie tries her best to ignore the girl while Caroline tries to convince the girls to go to the Bitter Ball with her. She wants a fresh start and wants to begin by forgetting the memories of the guys in her past. Katherine and Bonnie hesitantly agree to go with her.

At the Salvatore mansion, Stefan finds Aaron dead inside Damon’s car. Stefan goes inside and confronts Damon about killing Aaron. Damon tells Stefan he felt like killing the last of the Whitmore line and does not care what Elena has to say about his actions. Enzo enters the mansion and tells Stefan it was his idea to kill Aaron, and proceeds to ask Stefan if he has heard from Wes.

Back at the college, Katherine calls Matt to see if she sounds like Elena. Nadia is with Matt and tells Katherine to stop taunting Matt; Katherine explains Matt is the only one who can teach her about Elena. Nadia compels Matt to forget about the conversation, and she tells Katherine she did not save Katherine’s life to sit around Mystic Falls waiting for Katherine. She wants to leave Mystic Falls and spend time together as mother and daughter. Katherine explains they will get their time together once Katherine has Stefan back.

While Katherine is scheming to get Stefan back, Dr. Wes Maxfield begins an experiment on a boy named Joey at an unknown location. Wes explains he turned Joey into a vampire so he can have Joey feed on other vampires. A woman suddently enters the lab and tells Wes her name is Sloan and she wants to fund Wes’ research. He wants her to leave but she explains she has blood he will want to analyze. She gives Wes Aaron’s bag and tells him Aaron’s car was found abandoned. Wes assumes Aaron was killed. Sloan confirms his suspicions and tells Wes he is next in line to be killed.

Back in their dorm room, Katherine considers calling Stefan when Caroline enters the room. Stefan calls Katherine and wants to talk to Elena about Enzo. Katherine does not know who Enzo is but convinces him to come to the Bitter Ball and talk about it. Stefan agrees to come.

At the Mystic Grill, Tyler wants to drink to forget Caroline. Nadia is there drinking too, claiming she is morning the loss of her mother. Tyler wants to do shots with Nadia, and they start drinking and competing about who has the worst mother. When Tyler leaves to go to the bathroom, Nadia compels Matt to tell her who Enzo is so she can pass the information on to Katherine. Tyler overhears the conversation and becomes suspicious of Nadia.

At the Bitter Ball, Damon and Enzo find Bonnie and Jeremy. Damon tells them Enzo is going to take Jeremy and keep him captive until Bonnie helps them find Wes. Bonnie tells them she cannot use magic anymore, but Damon does not believe her. Enzo starts torturing Jeremy and Bonnie gives in. She explains she can find someone that can help her.

Katherine arrives at the ball and finds Stefan. Katherine convinces Stefan to dance with her, but while dancing Stefan wants to talk to Elena about Damon. Caroline interrupts their dancing and wants to borrow Elena.

Outside the Mystic Grill, Tyler confronts Matt about not wearing his vervain bracelet. Matt did not realize he was not wearing it and immediately goes and drinks some vervain laced tea. Tyler tells Matt he needs to find out why Nadia was compelling him and what she is hiding.

Back at the dance, Stefan tells Caroline he needs Elena’s help getting Damon better. Damon arrives at the dance and tells them Bonnie is going to find a witch to do a locator spell to find Wes or else they will kill Jeremy. Damon shows Katherine a photo of Jeremy captured and she has to pretend to be upset. She calls Nadia to see what she should do and Nadia tells her she needs to save Jeremy because Elena would do anything to save Jeremy. Katherine also wants to know if there has ever been a romantic relationship between Stefan and Caroline because Katherine senses a connection between the, She asks Nadia to compel Matt to find out the history of their relationship.

After she hangs up the phone, Katherine goes to Stefan and cries in his arms, claiming she does not want her brother to die again.

At the Mystic Grill, Nadia compels Matt and asks if Caroline has feelings for Stefan. Matt says he doesn’t know but is clearly taken aback by the question. Nadia tells Matt to forget everything and leaves. Tyler arrives and asks what she said, but before Matt can answer Nadia comes up from behind and knocks him out. Matt confronts Nadia and realizes Elena is actually Katherine.

Back at Whitmore College, Bonnie finds the girl she assumes is a witch and tells the girl she needs her help. The witch pretends like she has no idea what Bonnie is talking about. As Bonnie presses, the witch tells Bonnie she is just a freak and cannot help. As she tries to get away from Bonnie, Caroline arrives and forces the witch to help them.

Bonnie brings the witch to Damon and Enzo and Bonnie helps her cast a locator spell. While casting the spell the building shakes and the witch panics. Enzo calls Damon and asks what is taking so long. Damon tells Enzo the witch cannot complete the spell, so Enzo begins to torture Jeremy and suffocates him. Bonnie pleads with the witch and begs her to help them find Wes. She shows the witch a picture of Jeremy and explains that Jeremy will die if they do not find Wes.

Stefan and Katherine arrive just as Jeremy is about to die and Katherine revitalizes him. Damon arrives and tells them the witch was able to complete the spell and that Wes is in Richmond.

With this information, Enzo and Damon go to Richmon and find Wes’ lab. Inside the lab they find a group of travelers casting a spell that causes the two vampires to weaken and as they being to pass out Wes injects them with a mysterious substance. When Damon and Enzo wake up in the lab, they do know they were injected with something. They walk the hallways of the lab and find Joey tied up. Damon attacks Joey, and Enzo realizes Damon was injected with Wes’ formula that makes vampires feed on other vampires.

Back at Whitmore College, Katherine and Stefan are back in Katherine’s dorm room and she asks Stefan to remove a splinter from her back. Stefan tells Katherine he is worried about his brother and likes the way Damon is when Elena is around. Katherine agrees to help Stefan save Damon from himself for Stefan, not for her or for Damon. Caroline walks in as they hug.

Frankly, the end of this episode was rather disappointing. As I said last week, this season is feeling more and more disjointed as the season progresses. While last season’s storyline with Silas was not the best by any means, at least we had a clearer vision as to where the story was heading throughout the show’s run. This season, the writers cannot seem to decide what storyline they want to follow and who they want to make the villain.

When the writers keep writing multiple episodes without a character like Wes in it and then have a character within the show mention we do not have to worry about Wes anymore, as viewers we assume that storyline is finished. But then the writers brought Wes back and made him the villain this episode, which leaves the viewer confused and, personally, makes Wes less of an intimating character. This season would have been so much better if they simply focused on the Augustine Society storyline and had Katherine die of old age; more often than not simple storylines are better than complicated and uneven storylines. Nevertheless, we can only hope the story will improve and hope Elena will come back soon, because seeing Katherine try to mimic Elena is rather amusing but also pathetic. Hats off to Nina Dobrev, she is doing an amazing job this season.


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