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The Vampire Diaries S5,E18 Recap “Resident Evil”

The Vampire Diaires S5 E18 "Resident Evil"
The Vampire Diaires S5 E18 "Resident Evil"
The Vampire Diaires S5 E18 "Resident Evil"

Posted April 18, 2014 by

After a small break, “The Vampire Diaries” returns and we are finally introduced to our new villain, Markos! The episode is filled with information about the travelers and their plans in Mystic Falls, and hopefully we concluded the dragged-out Elena and Damon relationship drama.

We begin with a scene we have not witnessed in awhile; Elena writing in her diary. Elena is writing outside a café, and when she tears out a page from her diary it flies away. She chases the page and nearly runs into Stefan, who picks it up. He gives it to her and introduces himself. When Stefan is nearly ran over by a vehicle in the middle of the road, Elena abruptly wakes up and realizes it was a dream. She finds herself in her dorm room and gets ready with Caroline to meet Caroline’s mom, Sheriff Forbes.

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Meanwhile, Enzo and Damon are catching up over a game of pool at the Salvatore mansion. Enzo teases Damon as he tries to figure out Damon and Elena’s relationship. Enzo suggests they go blow off some steam by hunting some humans, and Damon decides that might not be a good idea.

Caroline and Elena arrive at the Mystic Grill and when Caroline notices her mom is not there yet, she leaves Elena to go get coffee. While standing alone, Elena has another vision about her and Stefan. In this vision, the two of them are returning to Elena’s house after a date. They have their first kiss and Elena stops Stefan from kissing her again because her dad is inside the house waiting for her. Stefan asks her if they can have another date, and Elena says yes.

When Elena snaps out of the vision, she finds herself sitting at a table in the restaurant with Caroline. She does not remember how she got to the table. Caroline thinks Elena’s visions are weird, but are simply a result of her mixed emotions after breaking up with Damon. When Stefan calls Caroline and tells her he is having visions about Elena, Caroline instantly believes something is wrong with the two of them.

As Caroline and Elena try to decide what they should do about the visions, someone else gets a vision from a different place. Bonnie calls Jeremy and leaves another message for him. He has not been returning her calls and she is getting annoyed with him. After she hangs up, the wind begins to blow and when Bonnie turns around she sees her Grams. Grams tells Bonnie the witches on the other side think the travelers tried to overwhelm Bonnie so someone can pass through from the other side. Grams says the witches are scared of whatever they travelers are up to and there is something off about the other side due to this new magic.

Slowly, pieces are starting to come together concerning what the travelers are up to. At the Lockwood mansion, Liv makes Matt and Tyler stab themselves with a special knife, called the traveler’s knife, to make sure they are not harboring a traveler. This is the only knife in the world that has the capability of getting a traveler to leave a human’s body, and Liv wants to make sure Matt and Tyler are not hosting a traveler inside of them before they start their plan. The two men stab themselves and prove they are not hosting a traveler inside of them. Liv proceeds to explains to Matt, Tyler, and Jeremy that her coven has been tracking the travelers for centuries. She explains it is hard to track them down because they rarely come together in large groups, and when they do they tend to take over towns and no one notices.

As Liv tells the guys about the travelers, we see various travelers throughout Mystic Falls take control of people throughout the town. One of the travelers takes control of Caroline’s mom.

Back at the Mystic Grill, Caroline calls Damon and Enzo to tell them about Elena and Stefan’s dreams. Enzo cannot help but laugh at this new development, but Damon does not seem too happy. Once they hang up, Caroline asks Matt to keep an eye out for her mom, and the two girls leave for the Salvatore mansion to discuss the visions further with Damon and Enzo.

Meanwhile, Bonnie tracks Jeremy down at the Lockwood mansion. While she is annoyed he has been avoiding her, she is more determined to get his help. She tells him that she saw her Grams and that Grams explained the witches on the other side are scared and that there is something wrong with the other side. As Bonnie is telling Jeremy this, Liv walks in and Bonnie is surprised to see her. Jeremy won’t tell Bonnie what Jeremy and Liv are up to, and Bonnie gets upset and leaves. Jeremy tells Liv he wants to let Bonnie know what they are planning because she can help them, but Liv tells Jeremy he cannot say anything to Bonnie because the travelers cannot know they are planning something against them and they need to limit the number of people that know about their plan.

Matt leaves the Mystic Grill to visit Sheriff Forbes’ office and check on her. He is talking on the phone to Tyler when he realizes if he were to take over a city, he would start with the most powerful people, aka the Sheriff. Matt tells Tyler to bring the traveler knife to the office. Sheriff Forbes walks in and overhears Matt mention the traveler’s knife. She stabs him in the throat, clearly possessed by the traveler inside of her. Matt dies and when he passes through Bonnie he warns Bonnie about the Sheriff. When he crosses to the other side, he finds Cole waiting for him and Matt instantly wants to see his sister, Vicky.

When Elena and Caroline arrive at the Salvatore mansion, Caroline and Enzo leave Damon and Elena alone together to talk. Damon and Elena have small talk and Elena wants to know if they can just be friends and not be awkward. The conversation ends when Luke shows up and tells the group he thinks the travelers are about to make their move. He believes Elena and Stefan’s visions are guiding the two of them to the travelers and their plans.

Back in the town, Tyler finds Sheriff Forbes getting into her police vehicle. Tyler knows she has a traveler inside of her when he tells the sheriff his mother says hi (his mother is dead), and Sheriff Forbes tells him to send his mother her best. Tyler stabs Sheriff Forbes with the traveler knife, but as soon as he stabs her he turns around and stares at a mysterious person.

While they wait for Elena to have another vision, Damon explains he is not happy that Elena and Stefan are having visions about one another. Elena tries to make him feel better by saying once Markos is gone, the visions will be done. But Damon counters her positivity by pointing out they can only be friends after the visions are gone. As they talk, Elena has another vision. Elena and Stefan are a little older and celebrating an anniversary. Stefan is cooking Elena dinner in their house, and when Elena opens a kitchen drawer to look for a bottle opener, she finds an engagement ring inside. She doesn’t even look at the ring before she says yes. They hug and knock over some mail. In her vision, Elena sees an address on one of the fallen envelopes. When she snaps out of the vision, she knows the address she say is where Markos is, and she tells the group.

In the other world, Matt finds Vicki, but she insists he travel back to her body and leave her alone. He ignores her pleas and tries to take her back to his body. While running, a force pulls Vicki and when Matt has to let go of her hands, she screams and flies into the sky.

Damon and Enzo arrive at the address in Elena’s vision. They find Markos waiting for them inside. Markos explains he is the reason Stefan and Elena are having visions of each other. The doppelganger curse has been misinterpreted over the centuries, and the rule actually states that the blood of the doppelgangers helps the travelers gain their power. Markos tells them that the immortality spell Silas and Qetsiyah performed 2000 years earlier created a schism in the traveler community and created the witches. Markos has Damon go on a walk with him and forces Enzo to stay behind.

While walking, Markos explains that the witches kept the travelers apart throughout the centuries so that they cannot realize their full power. As they chat, Damon becomes surrounded with people that have travelers inside them. Markos begins performing a spell to end Elena and Stefan’s visions to prove he is not their enemy.

As he is performing the spell, both Stefan and Elena have another dream of them as adults with children. They tease each other and laugh while their kids run around the house and they wait for their dinner guests to arrive. In the middle of the vision, Markos finishes his spell and the vision goes away. Markos tells Damon the visions are over.

At the Salvatore mansion, Elena and Stefan sit together, knowing the visions are finished. They both know the visions represented the life they wanted, and that that life felt amazing. To make her feel better, Stefan tells Elena their real romance was also amazing and they fell in love on their own without magic. As they sit near the fire, Elena rests her head on Stefan’s shoulder and they tell each other they will always love one another. She asks Stefan if she and Damon will ever be able to talk so candidly, and Stefan said you either have to be friends or lovers, nothing in between.

Back on the other side, Matt sits as he mourns for Vicki. Cole arrives and encourages Matt to get back to his body. Cole explains if Matt doesn’t get back and tell everyone what happened to Vicki, everyone on the other side will share her fate.

Matt finally goes back to his body and finds Bonnie and Jeremy waiting for him to wake up. He tells them what happened to Vicki and how she disappeared.

Back at the mansion, Damon finds Elena waiting for him in his bedroom. Damon tells Elena she should not be in his room, but Elena says she wants to be friends with him and nothing more. Damon tells Elena he does not want to be her friend because it is too hard. He goes on to say he does not want to see her or hear about her. She accepts his words and walks away from him.

We end at Caroline’s home with Caroline waiting for her mom to wake up. She is on the phone with Tyler when Sheriff Forbes wakes up. Caroline hangs up the phone, and suddenly Markos asks Tyler if the two women suspect anything, and Tyler says they are clueless. It is clear now that Tyler has been possessed by a traveler. He gives Markos the traveler knife, and Markos throws it in the fire.

And now we know who Markos is and what his plans are! I feel he has the potential to be a very powerful villain; his control over Elena and Stefan is alarming. I do not believe he should be trusted and Bonnie and Matt should convey to everyone the warnings they received from the other side. The fact that Cole, and Original vampire who hates basically everyone in Mystic Falls, is working with Matt to save themselves is not to be disregarded.

But what is happening on the other side? When Vicki flew away from Matt, I noticed it was very similar to when Katherine flew away from Bonnie when she died and cross-over. Is there some new Hell that supernatural creatures are being sent to on the other side? Are Vicky and Katherine in this Hell? We will have to wait and see.

Lastly, I really hope they stop with the Elena and Damon relationship drama. This has been dragging on for far too long and we get that the two of them cannot be friends. I think it would be very refreshing if Elena started a relationship with someone completely new; that would really shake things up with the Salvatore brothers.


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