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The Vampire Diaries S5, E19 Recap: “Man on Fire”

The Vampire Diaries S5 E19 "Man of Fire"
The Vampire Diaries S5 E19 "Man of Fire"
The Vampire Diaries S5 E19 "Man of Fire"

Posted April 25, 2014 by

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

This week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” focused mostly on Enzo’s search for revenge against his former love’s killer. After tying up this loose end, we learned more about the travelers’ plans and how they will actually put their plan in motion against a town full of supernatural creatures.

We begin with Stefan helping Elena study at a cafe near campus. She clearly knows her studies already, but explains to Stefan she wants to be distracted by something since Damon told her the day before that they could no longer be friends. Bonnie sits down with them and also wants to be distracted because the other side is collapsing and she does not know how this will affect her.

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Meanwhile, Jeremy and Matt search throughout the Lockwood mansion for the traveler’s knife, and they realize it is missing because it is not where Tyler told them it would be nor is it anywhere else. As they search, Damon arrives and is also looking for the traveler’s knife.

As they tell Damon they have not heard from Tyler, we find Tyler held in chains by the travelers in an undisclosed location. The passenger inside of Tyler is summoned by Markus’ spell. Markus then addresses the other travelers and explains the prophesy says they can break the witches’ curse on their tribe by using witches’ magic. Sloan volunteers to be the guinea pig to see if what the prophesy is true. Markus cuts Tyler and has Sloan drink his blood, then Markus cuts her throat and she collapses on the ground.

Damon continues his search for the travelers knife and calls Enzo to ask for help. Enzo cannot help Damon because he needs to talk to Stefan and Elena. Enzo finds Stefan and Elena in the café and wants to talk to them about Maggie, his girlfriend from the Augustine days. Enzo explains she left the Augustine Society 1950, and Sloan gave Enzo a photo of Maggie with her head tore off her body; she died in Mystic Falls in 1960. After telling them this, Enzo summons Liv and she casts a spell on Elena and Stefan to get them to talk about Maggie; Enzo is holding Luke hostage to get Liv to help him.

Enzo compels all of the customers in the café to ignore them, and ties up Elena and Stefan. He won’t let them go until Stefan admits he killed Maggie. Enzo calls Damon to find out if Stefan is lying. Damon figures out Enzo has Elena and Stefan, and Damon tries to tell Enzo Stefan was not a ripper in the 1960s but Enzo refuses to listen.

We flashback to election night in 1960. Stefan wanders around Mystic Falls and follows a woman into an ally, biting her neck to feed on her then compels her to forget she was bitten. Maggie walks up behind Stefan and lets him know she knows who he is. Maggie knows everything about the Salvatore brothers, and wants to know where Damon is so she can kill him. We see Stefan attack Maggie, but he insists he did not kill her. When Enzo threatens to kill Bonnie, Stefan admits to killing Maggie. Enzo throws a stake into Stefan’s chest, but not in his heart.

As this is happening, Damon has Sheriff Forbes bring him information about murders in 1960. When Damon sees a picture of Maggie’s corpse, he realizes he killed Maggie.

Enzo continues to torture Stefan when Damon arrives and admits to killing Maggie. In a flashback, we see Maggie meet Damon somewhere in the middle of town, and asks him if she can interview him for her magazine. She asks him if he remembers the fire at Whitmore College, then takes out a needle filled with vervain and attempts to stab Damon in the neck. He is too quick for her and is able to pick Maggie up and snaps her neck off. After telling Enzo this, Enzo explains he does not want to hate Damon because without Damon, Enzo will have nothing. In order to hide the pain, Enzo turns off his humanity.

Meanwhile, Sloan wakes up as a vampire. Markus makes a spell using the last of the doppelganger blood and has Sloan drink it to see if the magic in the doppelganger blood will stop her from being a vampire.

Back at the cafe, Enzo frees all the humans and Damon tries to convince him to leave. With his humanity off, Enzo is reckless and simply wants to kill. He attacks Liv and bites her neck. Bonnie tries to stops him, but Enzo is too strong and Damon has to come help Bonnie. Stefan is finally able to stop Enzo, but as Enzo flees he takes Elena with him. Damon leaves to go after Enzo, and Stefan uses his blood to cure Liv from the bite wounds.

As Liv heals, Bonnie sits with her. Liv looks at Bonnie and tells her she needs to be prepared to say goodbye to her friends. Liv thinks the other side will collapse, and when that happens Bonnie will likely die. Liv tells Bonnie that Jeremy loves her, and he deserves to know that she is leaving this world.

As Bonnie and Liv recover and try to come to terms with what is happening, Stefan is able to find Enzo and Elena. Enzo snaps Elena’s neck before Stefan can attack Enzo, and the two vampires begin to fight. Damon comes upon Elena and picks her up to take her home so she can heal.

Enzo and Stefan continue their fight and Enzo is able to pin Stefan against a car and put a hole in the gas tank so that gasoline spills everywhere. Enzo has a lighter and threatens to set them on fire, but Stefan is able to stick his hand into Enzo’s chest and grab his heart. Enzo knows he is about to die, and he tells Stefan that Stefan will have a fun time trying to tell Damon that he killed his best friend. Enzo pulls his body away from Stefan so that Stefan inadvertently pulls Enzo’s heart out.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon puts Elena in a bed so she can recover and leaves her alone. When she wakes up, she is alone but gets up and finds Stefan in the house. Stefan tells Elena that he killed Enzo. Stefan considers lying to Damon about Enzo’s fate, but Elena does not think that is wise. Stefan explains Damon has been through too much this year and losing his best friend will put him over the edge. They decide to let Damon assume Enzo left Mystic Falls.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Matt tell Bonnie they think Tyler is with the travelers. Bonnie asks Matt to leave them alone, and she tries to tell Jeremy what might happen to her if the other side collapses, but she cannot bring herself to do it. Stefan calls to warn Bonnie that Enzo is dead and will pass through her, and as Enzo passes through Bonnie he teases her about having to keep his death from Damon.

Back at the travelers’ camp, Markus and the travelers continue their spell on Sloan. Once the spell is complete, Sloan cuts her hand and when the wound does not heal she realizes she is not a vampire anymore. It appears the doppelganger blood worked to remove the magic from her. Tyler watches as this goes on, and Markus says any vampire that gets in their way will end up dead. He also says they will need a lot more doppelganger blood. Markus kills Sloan because, now that the magic is stripped from her, she is simply human.

We end back at the Salvatore mansion and Damon apologizes to Stefan about Enzo’s behavior and tells Stefan he will fix the problem with Enzo. Stefan tells Damon he thinks Enzo is a lost cause and should let him go, but Damon explains he wants to help Enzo because Enzo saved him while they were held prisoner. As the two brothers chat, Enzo’s ghost watches over them and laughs about how his death will affect the brothers’ relationship once Damon learns Stefan killed Enzo.

So Enzo is dead, but not gone as the other side is collapsing and it seems he is able to somehow cross back over to haunt Stefan and Damon. Once again, I think the writers killed off a potentially great character too early. Damon’s character shines when he has a partner, and for whatever reason the writers love killing off Damon’s friends (i.e. Alarick). I do not think we needed an entire episode addressing Enzo’s revenge for Maggie, as we did not even know that much about Maggie to begin with. It would have been much more interesting to focus more on the travelers’ plan. Hopefully that will be all we see in the remaining episodes of this season.

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