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The Vampire Diaries S5/E17 Recap “Rescue Me”

The Vampire Diaries S5 E17 Rescue Me
The Vampire Diaries S5 E17 Rescue Me
The Vampire Diaries S5 E17 Rescue Me

Posted March 29, 2014 by

Warning: Full spoilers ahead!

In this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, we learn a bit more about the travelers’ plans and what Liv and Luke are up to. Thankfully, it also seems we are done with the Elena and Damon romance for now. Let’s get right into the recap.

Elena wakes up naked next to Damon. Her alarm clock reminds her she has a parent-teacher conference for Jeremy that day. As she gets up, she tells Damon their night together was a mistake. Damon tries to tempt her to stay in bed and suggests they should keep making mistakes, but Elena is able to resist temptation.

Outside of Mystic Falls, the head traveler, Sloan, continues to torture Stefan to find out more about the last doppelganger. She calls Enzo and Caroline to tell them specifically where the last doppelganger is and his name, which is Tom. Caroline is upset Sloan broke their deal and is continuing to use Stefan’s brain to track the doppelganger. Caroline threatens Sloan and tells her she will kill her if Sloan keeps hurting Stefan.

As this is occurring, Damon is drinking at the Mystic Grill with Tyler and Matt. Liv shows up and wants a bottle of gin. She ignores Damon’s banter and sits down in a booth alone. As Damon leaves, he notices that Jeremy arrives and sits down with Liv.

While waiting for the parent-teacher conference to begin, Elena calls Bonnie to tell her about the drama with Damon. Bonnie tells Elena she is being irresponsible. She asks Elena where Jeremy was the night before, and Elena tells Bonnie she thought he was with her. Bonnie thinks that’s strange since he did not come home that night, but Elena has to hang up to register for the conference. The teacher tells Elena she is not listed as Jeremy’s guardian, and when she asks who is listed, Damon shows up.

In a hospital in Atlanta, Caroline and Enzo are looking for Tom. As they wait for someone to give them information, Caroline tells Enzo she does not trust him. Enzo smiles as he explains Caroline reminds him of someone he knows from the past who reminded him that he was a good person. Before they can continue their conversation, a doctor arrives and tells them he has not seen Tom for four months.

After Caroline and Enzo hear this news, Caroline calls Stefan, who is tied up near Sloan. He tries to get Sloan tell him why their leader, Marcus, wants his and Elena’s blood. On the phone, Caroline explains Stefan’s visions must not be right and begs him to try and recall if he missed something. Without hesitation, Sloan starts using the doppelganger connection again to find out more about Tom, and they see a woman named Hazel approach Tom and ask him out to dinner to thank Tom for saving her friend. Tom agrees and Hazel gives him her address. Once the connection is broken, Stefan gives Caroline and Enzo the address.

When they arrive at the house, they notice the mail has not been picked up for months. Enzo breaks down the door and they see Hazel inside in some sort of witch’s trance. Caroline tries to get inside but she cannot since Hazel owns the property. Enzo takes the doorknob and throws it in Hazel’s chest, killing her, and enters the house.

As this is happening, Bonnie notices Luke has been staring at her in the library, so she confronts him about it. When he denies it, suddenly Hazel shows up behind him and tells Bonnie she has a message for Luke. Hazel explains that she failed to protect the doppelganger. She was trying to hide the doppelganger with magic but they found her. Once Hazel finishes her message, she passes through Bonnie, and Bonnie gives Luke the message.

Back at the Mystic Grill, Liv and Jeremy and talking while Tyler tries to listen in on their conversation, but for some reason he cannot hear them. Liv tells Jeremy since he is a hunter, he is the only person who the travelers cannot use their mind control against. She tells him there are rumors in witch circles that the travelers are up to something big and that they are heading to Mystic Falls. She wants Jeremy to find out what their plans are; she explains the travelers will need Elena so if he wants to protect his sister he needs to help her. Liv receives a text from Luke and gets up to leave, but Tyler tries to stop her and she uses her magic against him, showing she is much more powerful than she lead everyone to think.

Back at the school, the guidance counselor tells Elena and Damon that Jeremy is not doing well in school. She explains he needs a better home life. When they are finished, Elena leaves but Damon follows her and explains he wants to make love to Elena at the high school. Elena is able to avoid the temptation again and walks away.

Back at Hazel’s house, Caroline is mad at Enzo for killing Hazel since she was their one lead to Tom. As they argue, they hear a heartbeat and walk downstairs to find Tom on a table. Tom is hooked up to some medication to keep him in a vegetable-like state. He wakes up just before Caroline kills him, and she compels Tom before she kills him. As she goes for the kill, she turns around and ends up snapping Enzo’s neck. She helps Tom up and tells him they need to leave.

Meanwhile, Elena has visions of her and Damon making love at the high school. When she snaps out of them, she leaves the classroom to get some fresh air. Liv arrives and uses her magic to pin Elena to a wall. Liv goes in to kill Elena, but Damon arrives just in time.

Back in Atlanta, Caroline takes Tom to get some food and compels him to tell her about himself. She wants to make sure he is worth saving since she is risking Stefan’s life to save Tom. Caroline thinks he is one of the nicest people she has met and compels him to get on the train and go far away. When they leave the restaurant and walk to the car, Enzo surprises them and snaps Tom’s neck. Caroline is in disbelief and is furious with Enzo, but Enzo explains that, unlike Caroline, he is willing to do whatever it takes to save his friends. He lets Caroline know the travelers have moved to a junk yard right outside of Mystic Falls.

While Caroline and Enzo cement their deal with Sloan, Damon starts torturing Liv to find out what her plans are and why she attacked Elena. Liv explains that if Stefan’s doppelganger dies, which he does, the travelers will come for Elena to complete some spell, and the witches cannot have that. Liv explains that the travelers are like the witches ugly step-child and have a hatred for anyone who can use nature in their magic. As she is explaining this, Jeremy arrives and tells Damon not to kill Liv. Elena tells Damon she trusts Jeremy’s judgement, and Damon hesitantly lets Liv go.

Outside the school, Matt and Tyler find Luke to find out what he is up to. Liv arrives with Jeremy, and Jeremy agrees to help Liv and and Luke to protect Elena and stop the travelers, but only if Tyler and Matt help him.

Once they are safely back at the Salvatore mansion, Elena tells Damon she thinks she and Damon are bad for Jeremy. They are not setting a positive example for him and are making his life very unstable. As she tells Damon this, Jeremy arrives and explains he is moving in with Matt and Tyler. Elena is sad but understands it’s probably for the best. She then decides to move back to her dorm room, and Damon supports her decision.

Once Caroline gets back to Stefan, she tells him she is a failure. Stefan does not think she is a failure; he knew all along she would not be able to kill Tom because she is a good person. Stefan suggests they go to sleep so they can gather their strength and try to escape from the travelers.

In the middle of the night, they wake up and hear the travelers chanting. They tip-toe towards the noise and find the travelers drinking spoonfuls of Elena and Stefan’s blood. Sloan sets one traveler on fire and suddenly they all set on fire.

In her dorm room, Bonnie becomes surrounded with travelers crossing over and she cannot escape them because there is so many. She passes out and while laying on the floor a shadow emerges out of Bonnie, turns into a man, and walks out of the room.

And with that it seems some new threat has come to Mystic Falls. Could it be the travelers’ leader, Marcus? And what are the travelers up to? Fortunately it seems Liv is a pretty powerful witch and knows other witches that might be able to help her protect Elena and Stefan from this new threat.

Personally I am thrilled the Elena and Damon storyline is over for a bit. It was getting very ridiculous and my least favorite storyline on the show. Elena is once again a boring and predictable character, and the writers really need to do something to make her the strong woman she use to be. Caroline is easily becoming the best character on this show, and honestly I look forward to her scenes much more than our main character. Let’s hope in the coming episodes we get some of the old Elena back and less of Damon pining for her.


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