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True Blood Final Season Trailer: Past and Present Collide

True Blood Season 7 Cast
True Blood Season 7 Cast
True Blood Season 7 Cast

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For six years, HBO has brought us the southern, supernatural, suspenseful, sexy world of True Blood, recounting the tales of Sookie Stackhouse, who’s “just a waitress”, but also a scion of faerie royalty and a telepath. Over the course of six seasons, Sookie and her brother Jason have uncovered layer after dangerous layer of the world of vampires, werewolves, faeries, shifters and other creatures out of myth and legend right in their armpit of Louisiana town of Bon Temps.

The last we saw of Bon Temps, the anti-vampire virus Hep-V created by Sarah Newlin’s company had engendered a horde of ravenous uncontrollable vampires, preying on humans everywhere, forcing Bon Temps to take social steps to protect themselves. Sam Merlotte, Mayor of Bon Temps, urged the citizens, humans and vampires to pair up and make sure that all vampires have a healthy source of blood. Sookie and Alcide paired up in the six month time lapse in the season 6 finale. Arlene was still recovering from the (stupid) death of Terry Belfour, Andy was still keeping his faerie daughters in line, Lafayette was being his sassy self and Tara’s mother welcomed her daughter to feed on her, making up in some part for her neglect when she was younger.

True Blood, at its shrewder moments, has been a compelling allegory for discrimination against LGBT peoples and the destructive potential of us versus them mentalities. At its more bombastic, ridiculous moments, it’s always been a wildly entertaining, raunchy ride; the gritty, complex, black and grey morality answer to that other popular franchise about alluring, naïve not so ordinary young women and vampires and werewolves both slobbering at her heels.

Granted, no show can make all of its stories and characters please all of its viewers all the time, but this seventh and final season feels like the right time for show runners to tell one last ensemble story with these much loved characters. The final season is a chance to end their stories in a way that satisfies.

Fans undoubtedly have many questions that they will expect the show to answer and many characters’ stories they will expect to end, if not in happy, at least coherent, satisfying ways. Did Eric really perish atop a snow capped, sunlit mountain when his faerie blood lifted? To whom will Sookie give her heart by the end of the series? Will humanity and all their supernatural counterparts find genuine coexistence or will they destroy each other? Will characters like Lafayette, Arlene, Sam and Andy finally find some peace of mind? Will Vampire Godric’s legacy be able to overcome their dark history and selfish squabbles? Will Jessica get the chance to live a normal, yet exciting life? And, perhaps most importantly…. is Violet finally going to let Jason have intercourse with her?

The trailer gives us plenty of clues and un-reveals addressed at those very questions. Sink your fangs into the trailer for yourself below and tune into HBO on June 22nd, 2014 for True Blood’s final season.


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Michael Graff

Michael Graff