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The Big Bang Theory S7/E16 Review: “The Table Polarization”

The Big Bang Theory S7 E16 "The Table Polarization"
The Big Bang Theory S7 E16 "The Table Polarization"
The Big Bang Theory S7 E16 "The Table Polarization"

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Posted February 28, 2014 by

Due to some unforeseen circumstances I was unable to review “The Locomotive Manipulation,” an episode that I thought took a fun leap forward in terms of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. Unfortunately, this week’s episode fills more like filler, but since I don’t know how these stories will pan out I’m not sure exactly what to think.

On the Sheldon and Leonard front, Leonard wants to get a new table for the apartment to replace the unused desk behind the guys’ couch. Through a series of odd rationalizations this leads to Sheldon to want to break up with Amy. Of course he doesn’t because, again, through some odd manipulation, things basically went back to normal.

This was the more filler part of the episode. Nothing really happened. Nothing changed at all. The heart behind this storyline was in the right place, but it was so skewed and lackluster that I just didn’t care much.

The more interesting half of the episode and the half I’m curious to see pan out, is Howard getting invited back to space. Bernadette, her father and Raj stage something of an intervention, but the ending was left somewhat ambiguous as to what would happen. This episode for me sort of hinges on whether or not this plot line is picked back up in the future. If this was just a one time off shoot, then the episode doesn’t add much to the season.

If Howard does end up going back to space however, it might open up some more interesting plot lines in the future. I had fun watching Howard in space last time. Having him pulled back in would actually be quite hilarious if they handle it properly, and I think with Howard fueled to prove to everyone that he “has the right stuff” we could get some decent episodes with this side story.

The episode wasn’t without its funny moments. Amy speaking through Sheldon at the end had a humorous little finish. I was hoping that this episode may pick up a little bit more from the last episode but at the end of the day “The Table Polarization” just felt lacking.

Still looking forward to the rest of this season. I’m not 100% sure but I think I read something about scheduling problems so after episode 18 I don’t know if they will be regular or scattered. The next two episodes will be regularly scheduled, and regularly reviewed!