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The Big Bang Theory S7/E20 Review: “The Relationship Diremption”

BBT The Relationship Diremption
BBT The Relationship Diremption
BBT The Relationship Diremption

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Posted April 11, 2014 by

We are down to the last few episodes of Big Bang Theory’s seventh season, and I for one have been happy with the roads taken during this season. Knowing that the show is going to be on for the next three years gives me a sort of calm resolve about reviewing this show now. If all goes well I should be sticking with it for as long as the show airs. Of all the shows I review on a weekly basis, The Big Bang Theory is my rock, my steady ship that always gets me where I need to be. Tonight’s episode is no exception, and I think it had a nice little extra heft because in a way, what happens to Sheldon in this episode is probably similar to what the writers are dealing with.

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A massive discovery is made in the world of astrophysics and, naturally, Sheldon reacts harshly to the news of his beloved String Theory seeming like a dead end. He spends the rest of the episode trying to decide whether or not this theory is truly worth his efforts. I imagine that the writers of this show are feeling an interesting pull as well. They now have the task of bringing about 72 new episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the air, and at some point they probably had to ask, is it worth it? Is it a dead end? The answer from my point of view is somewhat foggy, but with the recent, terrible ending of How I Met Your Mother, I am weary of any show pushing past single digit seasons. HIMYM ended with 9 seasons and, for all storytelling purposes, probably should have ended back around season 5. Of course, it’s not really the writers who get to choose how long a story lasts, particularly in a sitcom setting. Even though I am scared that The Big Bang Theory may run thin on ideas, I have been given little physical reasoning to believe its quality is diminishing

Sheldon has to decide now on his future the same way that the show needs to. If they are going for the long haul it must be planned, and luckily for this show, it’s not roped into some foreseen ending the way HIMYM was.

As this season nears its ending, Raj and Penny appear to be making the biggest strides this season. Tonight’s episode in particular did a nice job of bringing Raj’s new relationship into the picture. He finally has someone to be with and, even though it might be weird to have four couples on this show at once, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. I think Emily may need a few more appearances to prove herself as part of this ragtag team, but if handled correctly another female in the mix wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

Penny and Leonard are still at something of a standstill, but it’s nice to see them without a million problems and arguments. Howard and Bernadette are likewise at something of a stalemate. I am still hoping that something with space comes up again for Howard but for now the writers seem content with giving him a new nickname, Clogzilla. I won’t spoil the meaning but you can probably glean it from context. I don’t think this episode was exceptionally memorable, but it did have some great moments and themes. Next week we are sadly off but April 24th Big Bang Theory is back on!

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