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Alexander Skarsgard Will Return in “True Blood” Season 7

Eric Northman Will Return for "True Blood" Season 7
Eric Northman Will Return for "True Blood" Season 7
Eric Northman Will Return for "True Blood" Season 7

Posted August 21, 2013 by

Many of us had our hopes and lurking questions after a naked Eric Northman burst into flames on the season finale of “True Blood”. Not only can you read our season finale recap here, but we have a season 7 spoiler alert ahead.

Eric Northman does not die, meaning the tall blonde hunk will be returning for season 7. Brian Buckner confirmed “I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of ‘True Blood,’” Buckner said. “He will be a series regular”. Question is, he will be a series regular or is he already?

Seeing as Eric returns next season, we can suspect that he will not be so chipper. Walking, or perhaps flying, around as he normally does may not be in his itinerary.

Season 7 of “True Blood” will be getting back to the basics. After all, Sookie is not with a vampire and with sexy wolf man, Alcide. “[We hope] you’re gonna feel that the show is going to return back to its roots and it’s going to be about this group of people living in Bon Temps,” Buckner said at Comic-Con. “We’re going to condense the number of stories we’re telling and make it feel like we’re coming home.”

While the summer has been packed full of action, we can only hope that summer of 2014 will be even better. What do you think will happen next season?


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Source: HuffingtonPost