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inFamous: Second Son Revealed To Have 24GB Install Size


Posted February 19, 2014 by


inFamous: Second Son will be coming out in just a month and many fans of the original two games are eagerly awaiting the third title in the series; to the point of it being a system seller for some. An interesting tidbit has been revealed about the game’s memory usage, thanks to PlayStation France’s community coordinator known as PixelTux – as he has revealed the box art (front and back) for the European version of the game, pointing attention specifically to the system requirements. The install size for the game is 24GB (and yes, this applies to all regions).

Now, take a breather if you’re worrying about this, since 24GB is a lot of memory. This may send off alarm bells in your head. Do note that the default size for PS4s is 408GB of free space, not to mention external hard-drives and the fact that the PS4s total game library isn’t huge yet, so the install size of 24GB isn’t a huge deal. Especially when compared to games with around 40GB of install size, such as NBA 2K14.

inFamous: Second Son takes place seven years after inFamous 2, and focuses on a brand new protagonist with a whole different set of powers of his own. It’ll be saving the day exclusively on PlayStation 4 when it releases on March 21st.



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