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E3 2014: Dawngate Gets Even Better with Announcement of Mass Effect 2 Writer On-Board


Posted June 12, 2014 by


It was revealed at E3 that Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 writer Chris L’Etoile is the one who has taken on the challenge of penning the story for the new narrative-surrounded online battle arena by Electronic Arts, titled Dawngate. Dawngate is a game driven by the players themselves.  It revolves around fiction and lore but in this story the events unfold only with help from the players. There is also a graphic novel aspect of the story line, which is the center of Dawngate. The game is currently in beta but its popularity is growing– with already thousands of players helping decide the fate of the story, Dawngate is turning heads. The developers eventually want to have a spectator mode in the game, and also add a ranked feature as well.

Either way players can’t get enough of the audience centered game. Now only bigger and better things are to come to the game Dawngate– we are sure it will be totally epic!



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