LEGO Batman Movie Gives Sneak Peek at the Batcave

LEGO Batman Movie
LEGO Batman Movie
LEGO Batman Movie

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Will Arnett’s voiced Batman in The LEGO Movie was undoubtedly one of the most fun characters in the film. Not least of which because it so perfectly skewered the Nolan era SUPERRRH SHERIOUSH Batman persona.

Even though a full trailer for the LEGO Batman spinoff is still expected to drop tomorrow, today we have a a sneak peek at the film.

USA Today also has a few words from Will Arnett and director Chris McKay about the upcoming movie and what we can expect. “The Batcave is even better than we remembered it, it’s awesome” says Arnett. “But I also love getting into the ho-hum day-to-day of being Batman and what it’s like to fight crime each day. Like the idea of Batman oversleeping his alarm clock makes me laugh. It really does humanize him.”

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Also in that mundane vein, one of the photos includes Batman getting some meal out of a microwave in his epic kitchen. Protecting Gotham City probably makes those frozen dinners pretty convenient.

“We thought if we can tell a well-rounded, funny story that’s action-packed, we can build a big movie around this character,” says McKay. “This is the movie we would want to see.”

Batman’s LEGO world will also be populated by more LEGO versions of recognizable characters like Robin (Michael Cera), Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), Batgirl (Rosario Dawson) and the Joker (Zack Galifianackis).

Once again, the entire world of the film will be manually and digitally constructed of LEGO bricks. “At first it doesn’t look like it’s all built in LEGO. But as you get closer you realize it is,” says McKay. “We’re building an entire city, the Batcave and vehicles, going deep into Batman’s world.”

Batman V Superman will be premiering this weekend, so that will likely color the public’s palette for Batman for the time being. It will be interesting to see how welcome a change of pace LEGO Batman will be by February 10th, 2017.

Check out all of the preview pics over at USA Today!



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Photo: Warner Bros.

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