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This She Kratos Cosplay Rules Them All!


Posted March 13, 2014 by


Kratos is the main character and the most popular character from Sony Santa Monica’s God of War video game series. He is widely recognized for his rippling muscles and distinctive body paint. He is the epitome of masculinity and power in the world of God of War, and really in any video game. He is a Spartan warrior, later revealed to be a demigod, who finds himself involuntarily thrust into adventures that could possibly change his fate- eventually resulting in him becoming the God of War.


However, if this demigod and warrior is so manly, how can any woman ever cosplay him? With creativity and confidence, that’s how. LadyLemon has it all and a bag of chips! She rocks this masculine warrior’s style in a way that only the best cosplayers can. It is sexy and hardcore, bringing the best of both sides to this original genderbend.




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