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Epic Everyday Cosplay: Claire Redfield’s Style Goes Viral!


Posted January 31, 2014 by


One of Resident Evil’s hottest protagonists, Claire Redfield is a zombie killing, motorcycle loving tomboy with a headstrong personality. As the kid sister of Chris Redfield, an experienced BSAA operative and S.T.A.R.S. member, you can bet that this spitfire can handle herself when faced with a situation that calls for violence. Whether it calls for hand to hand combat, knife wielding or sharp shooting, Claire is your girl. She has survived multiple outbreaks of bioengineered viruses and has also gone up against the mega conglomerate, the Umbrella Corporation, which seeks to sell the strains for use in biological warfare. She is currently a member of the human rights organization, Terra Save, working against bioterrorism to provide aid during catastrophic events. We have put together an outfit based on Claire’s appearance in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles portraying her signature red leather vest, jean cutoffs, functional underclothing, kick-ass boots and some zombie-killing accessories.




  1. Hemer Red Leather Vest

  2. New Look Black Roll Sleeve T-Shirt

  3. Forever 21 Essential Bike Shorts

  4. Rag & Bone The Cut-Off Short

  5. New Bronx Tam Mee Suede Boots

  6. Belt Bag Antique Leather Purse

  7. Fingerless Work Out Gloves

  8. Muela Hunting Knife

  9. Remington Leather Knife Sheath

  10. Airsoft Spring Gun Pistol Black Beretta


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