Avoid Medical Attention: A Nurse Cosplay from Silent Hill


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Silent Hill is a survival horror video game that follows Harry Mason, who is on the search for his missing daughter, Cheryl, in Silent Hill. It was supposed to be a nice, fun vacation to get away but things change drastically when Harry wakes up from a car crash to find that his daughter went missing. The game requires fighting off monsters as well as solving problems to get to his beloved child. The ending varies depending on the decisions that are made throughout the game.


The nurses that manifest Silent Hill are monsters that represent a person’s greatest fears. Don’t go looking for help at a hospital if you want to avoid these nasty things. They are created from the memories of another main character, Alessa, of being hospitalized and the nurses who were there who acted as puppets of the Order, a prominent cult.


This portrayal of a nurse from Silent Hill by cosplayer Elena is incredibly beautiful in a very sick and twisted way. The wounds and blood are very realistic and the head is on point. Her stance and body language is intimidating to say the least. We love how authentic everything about this cosplay is.



Photography by Fillakteria.


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Written by Guest Contributor: WonderflexWoman

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor