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Resident Evil 3.5 footage shows the game that could of been Resident Evil 4.

Posted October 4, 2012 by Dragonlee71 in

While Resident Evil 4 is by no means a bad game, it wasn’t quite the survival-horror experience fans expected. Instead, we got a more action oriented adventure that doesn’t provide an atmosphere of fear as much as tension and desperation. However, this final product was not the initial vision for RE4. Three different ideas for the game were scrapped before its release in 2005.

From 1998 to 2000, research began on what was to become Resident Evil 4. This project, dubbed “Resident Evil 3.5″, began with a trip to Europe to research Spanish architecture. After the first character designs were made, it was determined that the current direction the project was taking was too far removed from the current Resident Evil games. This game was revamped, completed, and released as “Devil May Cry”.

Development on Resident Evil 4 started in 2001 when The first proposed version, the Fog version, was shown at the Tokyo Game Show in 2002. This version featured Leon infiltrating Umbrella’s headquarters in Europe, getting infected by the Progenitor virus, and fighting fog-like creatures.

The second concept was the Hooked Man version. First shown at E3 in 2003, this version was set in a dark mansion and featured Leon fighting paranormal enemies. Arguably the most terrifying part of this version is the shadowy man pursuing Leon, attacking with a large hook. This version was eventually scrapped for being “too paranormal” in comparison to previous Resident Evil titles.

The third proposal before the finished product brought back zombies as enemies. This version was never shown publicly and was scrapped for being “too formulaic”. After this concept was discarded, development began on what is now Resident Evil 4.

RE4 has taken many turns before giving us the excellent piece of gaming history it is now, showcasing many great ideas in the process. I am personally fond of the Hooked Man version that features a dark, eerie mansion setting. It seems to put an emphasis on darkness and using a flashlight to guide Leon. In addition, this version features jump scares, living dolls, ghosts, a unique perspective camera, and a seemingly invincible man carrying a giant hook. What about any of that doesn’t scream “survival-horror”? I am partial to the back-tracking, puzzle solving adventure of the original games in the series, and would have loved to see Resident Evil 4 follow this formula. Especially in such a dark and imposing environment. Regardless, Resident Evil 4 came out a great game and has continued to shape future Resident Evil titles with the changes it brought to the series.

Check out the Resident Evil 4 (3.5 Beta Trailer)

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