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Meet Borderlands 2 Gaige the Mechromancer as she has a message for you!

Posted October 5, 2012 by King in PC

I’d like you to meet Gaige, She is the next vault hunter ready to tread her was across Pandora when the Mechromancer DLC is released on October 16 for Borderlands 2. Gaige will be joined by her robotic companion named Deathtrap, who does most of the heavy lifting and physical damage for the pair. Check out this ECHO recording of Gaige as she fills you in on her latest science that’s made to beat the crap out of bullies named project “DT”.

Gaige the Mechromancer will be free for those who pre-reserved Borderlands 2. For everyone else who didn’t, it will cost you 800 MS Points or $9.99.


Gaige the Mechromancer Echo Log 01:

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    What a great video. Gearbox is the best!

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