Comic-Con News

NYCC: Sleeping Dogs “Nightmare in Northpoint” DLC Announced! The Horror side of Hong Kong!

Looks like Sleeping Dogs will be getting some new scary DLC! The developer of Sleeping Dogs announced at a panel at the New York Comic-Con that the game will be getting a new DLC mode called “Nightmare in Northpoint”. The u...



NYCC: Mass Effect 3 Single Player Omega DLC on its way!

Today at the New York Comic-Con, BioWare announced the price, release date and details for Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC. The upcoming content is an add-on to Mass Effect 3’s single player and is reported to be double the size ...



NYCC: Capcom announces Darkstalkers Resurrection! It’s Back!!!

Today at Street Fighter 25th Anniversary panel at the New York Comic-Con, Capcom announced the return of the fan favorite Darkstalkers series. After crowds went wild over the announcement, a teaser trailer began with the title ...



NYCC: Capcom Announces Rebalancing for Street Fight X Tekken Inbound!

During the 25th Anniversary panel at the New York Comic-Con, Capcom announced a complete rebalancing is on its way to Street fighter X Tekken. The massive rebalancing will be similar to the balancing that was preformed to Stree...



Comic-Con 2012: Thomas Jane’s Punisher Is Back In #DIRTYLAUNDRY

In his new short, #DIRTYLAUNDRY, Thomas Jane returns to his 2004 badass character of Frank West, The Punisher.



Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Previews at Comic-Con

Excited Comic-Con attendees were treated to 12 minutes of footage from Peter Jackson’s upcoming Hobbit blockbuster earlier today. Jackson presented 12 minutes of preview footage, and the audience reaction was nothing shor...


The Walking Dead: Season 3 Trailer

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Trailer Revealed at Comic-Con

AMC debuted a preview of season 3 of its hit series The Walking Dead at Comic-Con. Season 3 debuts on October 14. It shows the remaining survivors as they fight to take over a zombie-infested prison. We also get a preview of s...



Nintendo Reveals Comic-Con 2012 Lineup. Play the 3DS XL and new games early!

Comic-Con 2012 is almost upon us, and Nintendo has just released its lineup for the event. Nintendo will be featuring a number of its most popular titles for the expo. But the most stand out thing they are bringing is an early ...


The Walking Dead Comic-Con Exclusive

The New Walking Dead Game Gets A Horrific Comic-Con Exclusive!

If you happen to be going to the San Diego Comic Con and are one of the many fans of the hit show The Walking Dead, check out this crazy Comic con exclusive. What true fan of the show wouldn’t want to rock some serious fashio...