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Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Review!

Posted October 5, 2012 by Dragonlee71 in PS3






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All new setting and enemies, many nostalgic nods to the first game in the series.


Should have been included in the main game by default.

Witness the events that occurred prior to Resident Evil 5 and experience some nostalgia in this chapter of DLC!

by Dragonlee71
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Throughout the main storyline of Resident Evil 5, the confrontation with Wesker and Jill’s disappearance are glimpsed via flashbacks. Now the full story emerges as Chris and Jill explore the mansion and battle the terrors within.


Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, former S.T.A.R.S. members and partners in the BSAA, have received intel regarding the location of Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer. As they enter the mansion in an attempt to apprehend their target, they quickly learn that this will be no joyride. Lost in Nightmares allows players to experience the full chain of events leading up to Jill’s apparent death and Wesker’s disappearance.


This chapter of DLC is a treat to any that have fond memories of the original Resident Evil. Many similarities are seen between this mansion and the mansion in the Arklay Mountains, from the mansion’s decorations to the puzzles that need to be solved in order to advance. Small details, such as entering first-person mode to enter doors or once again playing “Moonlight Sonata” on a piano to solve a puzzle, provide a bit of nostalgia to fans of the first game in the series. Not only does the game’s setting change for this additional content a new enemy is also introduced in place of the creatures seen in Resident Evil 5; a giant hooded monstrosity wielding a massive hammer, similar to executioners in the main game.


The mansion is incredibly detailed and offers a dark, silent setting similar to that of the first game in the franchise. This change in scenery is a breath of fresh air after an adventure through the run-down environments of the main game.


Although exploration is mainly done in silence, it adds the classic tension of always expecting something to pop out. Hearing Chris and Jill reminisce about various elements of the mansion is also a treat for fans of the series.


Lost in Nightmares is a short but satisfying adventure into the past. While I would have rather seen it included as a post-game bonus in the main content, it makes for a great addition to the story and is well worth the cost.

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