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Transformers Fall Of Cybertron

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Demo Is Out! Check Out Our Epic Gameplay Video’s Of The Demo!!!

Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron isn’t coming out till August 21st, but today on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PSN the demo has been released! What’s even better is that the demo gives you two single player missions call...


Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 Movie Poster

Bond is Back in New Skyfall Trailer

The new James Bond Skyfall trailer is here, and we have all the details!


Vince Vaughn to Produce "The Brady Bunch" Reboot

Vince Vaughn to Produce ‘The Brady Bunch’ Reboot

According to a report from, Vince Vaughn is teaming up with CBS to bring back The Brady Bunch. Vaughn will serve as the Executive Producer through his production company, Wild West Picture Show Productions. The B...


Walking Dead The Game Episode 1

The Walking Dead: The Game Episode 1 Review for iOS. Even your iPad Isn’t Safe From A Zombie Attack!

The Walking Dead: The Game Episode 1 is the first installment of the series for iOS. It follows the story of main character Lee Everett and his journey through the outbreak of the Zombie Apocalypse. It features unique graphics ...


Liam Neeson Taken 2

Liam Neeson Still a Badass in “Taken 2″

If the Taken 2 trailer is indicative of the film to come, Liam Neeson may win our vote for Best Senior Citizen Action Movie Badass of 2012.



Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Review! Let’s Party Like It’s 1999 Again!

The Birdman is back and ready to fly in this remake of some of the best levels from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2, but now in HD. After 13 years have come and gone, does the original formula still hold up?


Thor 2 Official Logo

New Thor: The Dark World Production Details

With filming to begin soon, we have the details of where Thor will be smashing his hammer down!


grand theft auto 3

Update: Grand Theft Auto III Coming To The PSN Next Week!

  Back in 2001, Grand theft Auto III came out and completely redefined the open world genre.  Giving us the freedom to really do what we wanted to do. Weather you wanted to do the objectives, to just screwing around the w...



Okami HD Clip Takes You On A Trip Through Ryoshima Coast Scenery In High Definition

  Straight out of Capcom Japan, here is a brand new 50 second teaser from Okami HD. Now in beautiful high definition, the new video briefly sweeps over the breathtaking Ryoshima  Coast. We got a chance to try Okami HD out...



Orcs Must Die Review! Can you kill them all?

This weekend Steam is having a sale where you can get Orcs Mst Die! for only $2.50! You can also pre-purchase Orcs Must Die 2 for 10% off. With this awesome sale, we decided to put up our Epic Review Orcs Must Die!