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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Review!

Posted October 3, 2012 by MissValentine in PS3






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Fixed camera movement, upgraded weapons.


Annoying voice acting.

Raccoon City was just the beginning. Claire Redfield flies to Europe to try and find her brother Chris but is captured and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. When the infection spreads and new enemies arise (along with an old one), will Claire and Chris be able to take down Umbrella?

by MissValentine
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Raccoon City was just the beginning. Claire Redfield flies to Europe to try and find her brother Chris but is captured and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. When the infection spreads and new enemies arise (along with an old one), will Claire and Chris be able to take down Umbrella?

I have to start this review off by saying that Claire Redfield has been my favorite female character in the Resident Evil series. After Resident Evil 2 came out, I so desperately wanted to see Claire again because she was just such an awesome character. Resident Evil: Code Veronica was a very welcomed addition to the Resident Evil series and it made everyone want to continue with the story.


Code Veronica begins with Claire Redfield infiltrating an Umbrella Corporation facility in Paris to search for her brother Chris. She is captured and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. Soon after she’s captured, a guard named Rodrigo Raval lets her go, telling her that the island is lost to the infection. Soon she meets and teams up with Steve Burnside, another prisoner of the island. After exploration of the nearby mansion, Claire encounters Alfred Ashford, commander of the island and a very unstable man. Alfred has two split personalities that are him and his twin sister Alexia. While Claire deals with Alfred, Albert Wesker is hunting down the T-Veronica virus that was developed by Alexia. Steve and Claire confront Alfred and his alter ego before trying to escape the island. As they escape via plane, Alfred (still doing the whole Alexia bit) forces their plane to go into auto pilot and he flies them to an Antarctic Umbrella base. Alfred attempts to release the REAL Alexia, frozen in a cryogenic sleep for 15 years to try and counter the virus and its effects. He becomes wounded and looks to fall to his death. In an attempt to escape, Claire and Steve try to escape the facility using a digger. Alexia, now fully awakened and weeping over her brother’s death, summons tentacles to recapture Steve and Claire. The game shifts to Chris being the playable character. He arrives at the island in search of his sister. The same guard that set Claire free tells him that she already escaped the island and is then ate by a giant worm. Chris encounters Wesker, who was once his fellow S.T.A.R.S. teammate. Wesker has the upper hand and is mere seconds from kill Chris but Alexia makes her presence known and Wesker decides to spare Chris for now to deal with Alexia. Chris flies to Antarctica to save his sister, who is trying to find Steve. When Claire does find Steve, she learns that Alexia injected him with the T-Veronica virus, turning him into a monster. Steve protects her from another monster and he dies in Claire’s arms soon after he professes his love for her. Wesker leaves Chris to deal with Alexia who know has the ability to create fire. Chris subdues her and frees Claire from the cell she was locked in with Steve. Alexia mutates into her final form and Chris manages to destroy her. In one final attempt, Wesker tries to kill Chris but they are separated by an explosion. Chris and Claire manage to escape the facility before it explodes, vowing once again that they will take down Umbrella.


Once again, the controls are the same. The one thing that was disappointing when it comes to the control was that the dodge move was taken out of this game. Some new editions are the duel wielding sub machine guns and an upgrade to the Bow Gun from Resident Evil 2. Throughout the game, you’ll find explosive powder that you can combine with the arrows for a higher powered weapon with some stopping power. The game continues with its inability to choose your character. The first half of the game is played by Claire while the second half is played as Chris with a short intermission where you play as Steve. Seriously, it shouldn’t even be mentioned because of how short it is.


It’s definitely a change that the backgrounds are no longer pre-rendered and have more of a 3D feel. A major change of the game is its camera angles. No longer is the camera angles fixed to one location. Its mind blowing how the camera actually moves with the character! So many people where annoyed with how the camera angles where always fixed because they would change too rapidly or easily. It’s a great addition because now it’s basically you controlling the movement of the camera. With the HD release, the graphics were updated even more, making this game look really awesome.


Would it be Resident Evil without some cheesy dialogue? Not at all and the cheesy award goes to…Steve Burnside! You will be absolutely annoyed with this guy by the end of the game. It isn’t just what he says; it’s HOW he says it. You will either think he’s extremely young for the way he looks or that he is the age he looks but he just hasn’t hit puberty yet. There are some pretty laughable lines throughout the game but Steve definitely takes the cake. A close second is Alfred though. He has a laugh that makes you want to shove pencils into your ears. Just like previous games, the music is eerie and creepy. It sends shivers down your spine and intensifies as the game’s intensity grows.


This was probably my third favorite Resident Evil game out of the entire series, first and second being Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Having a game based around Claire was just great in my opinion because she has always been my favorite character and now you get to see her interact with her brother, something we didn’t get to see in Resident Evil 2. The game is a great upgrade from its predecessors and it absolutely shines. I owned the Dreamcast version and recently bought the HD remaster and the rerelease definitely brought back some great memories of the hours I spent playing this on the Dreamcast. All things considered, this game is one that definitely should be played by any survival horror fan or Resident Evil fanatic.





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