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“Call to Cosplay” Reality Competition Premieres Tonight

Call to Cosplay Logo
Call to Cosplay Logo
Call to Cosplay Logo

Posted June 30, 2014 by

Asian American network Myx TV will debut a new cosplay reality series, Call to Cosplay, with the first episode premiering tonight at 8 p.m. You may remember a similar cosplay competition show, Heroes of Cosplay that previously aired on SyFy.

The show is hosted by Keith Kawamura and is a six-episode series that will follow two cosplayers in a competition as they chase glory and a cash prize. The contestants will be given themes, budgets and a special “mystery element”. There is a catch, though, for these designers. They have to create their character and costume within eight hours. There is a panel that will judge them for creativity, authenticity and a WOW factor. But you’re thinking, “wait a minute, what about the themes?” The themes include: heavy metal armor throw-down, sports anime, magical girls, American/non-Japanese characters and a pre-1990 throwback to anime.

Check out the trailer for Call to Cosplay below.



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