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Movie Review: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie
The Lego Movie
The Lego Movie


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Posted February 9, 2014 by

They made a movie about Legos. That’s right, a movie about those little plastic toys that everyone grew up with and have since forgotten about. That’s not the shocking part. The shocking part is that the movie is really good. Written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller who are best known for their work on “21 Jump Street.” They did a great job of making a movie that was self aware and funny, yet had characters and a story that made you care in the end.

The same can be said about “The Lego Movie.” Chris Pratt voices the main character, Emmett, and voices him as someone who doesn’t know that anything can be bad. Everything is “awesome” and he thinks everything requires instructions to be made and that nothing can be thought of on his own. He meets a cool emo chick, Elizabeth Banks, who tells him about a prophecy that is told by Morgan Freeman’s character. The prophecy claims that anyone who finds some red Lego will be known as “The One.” Will Ferrell plays the evil Lord Business who threatens the people with “Kragel” if he can get control of it from “The One.”

It’s a crazy story and one that most youngsters won’t be able to keep up with, however the movie keeps the story moving (running time of just 95 minutes.) There is also a good bit of comedy, most of which is provided by Will Arnett’s “Batman.” The movie also looks fantastic with the whole world providing vibrant colors and the chase scenes set up in a very interesting and fun manner. The thing that makes this movie different is it’s heart. I compare it to the Toy Story movies. Yes, there are fun antics throughout the movie, however the ending will either make or break the film for you. It was something that I didn’t expect and it’s not necessarily a twist, however it made me like the movie that was fun for the first 2 acts and love the movie when the credits rolled. With that said, it is not going to be something that everyone will connect with and may find out of place. To those people, I say that they are entitled to their opinion, but they are wrong. Those people must at least give credit to Lord and Miller for their braveness and confidence in what they think is the right ending for the movie.

“The Lego Movie” is a film that is never something that I thought would entertain me to the point that I laughed, I was on the edge of my seat during some chase sequences, and I nearly teared up. People will either like or dislike the ending, there is no middle ground in the choice made by the filmmakers. In my experience, I suddenly realized that I had a smile on my face and knew that the movie jumped over the pretty good movie barrier and into the can’t miss zone.

Chance Parker

Chance Parker