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A Gorgeously Mysterious Cosplay of Final Fantasy’s Fran


Posted January 16, 2014 by


Out of all the characters in Final Fantasy XII, Fran has to be one of the most mysterious and intriguing characters to play. Not only does she have a reserved personality, Fran also has the unmistakable characteristics and features of the Viera race. With rabbit-like features, such as her massive long white ears and claw-like fingernails, Fran’s adorable presence can often make it easy to miss just how powerful the hunter truly is.


While her personality is often cold, Fran’s unique armor is undoubtedly captivating, which is why she makes a wonderful character to cosplay. Her revealing armor may seem as if it could not protect her stunning body; however, looks can be deceiving as her lacy-like armor and legwear are actually made of metal. Angel Martin is an exceptionally talented cosplayer from the UK who jumped on the opportunity to demonstrate her wonderful craftsmanship skills by designing Fran’s alluring armor.


In order to give her costume that metal look, Angel Martin used craft foam throughout most of her traditional Viera armor. Despite several frustrating structural challenges, she spent many hours making sure that her black teddy style corset looks just like Fran’s in the game. Photgrapher Si Spencer did an outstanding job at highlighting every intricate detail of her armor by capturing her in the glistening sunlight.


Angel dedicated many long hours to crafting her stunning cosplay of Fran, and it certainly paid off! We have to admit that there are numerous Final Fantasy cosplays out there; however, Angel’s embodiment of Fran has to be one of our favorites as her passion for the character truly shines as bright as the sun that has made its way through the trees and onto her epic black armor.


To view more of Angel’s amazing cosplay work, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantART pages!

Photography by Si Spencer.

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