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Epic Everyday Cosplay: Get Your Party On with Pinkie Pie!


Posted January 17, 2014 by


A special shout-out to all of our Bronies and Pega-sisters out there, it’s time to get silly with Ponyville’s resident prankster and party enthusiast, Pinkie Pie! This little pony is known for her boundless amounts of energy, animated personality and ability to make others laugh. She is a happy-go-lucky kind of pony who has made her home at Sugarcube Corner where she works as a baker and caterer making treats for every pony in Ponyville. Pinkie Pie represents the element of laughter and uses her sense of humor to help her friends conquer their fears. She is also a talented songstress and is known to spontaneously break out into song and play multiple instruments. The outfit we have put together is based on Pinkie Pie’s human form in My Little Pony Equestria Girls in which Twilight Sparkle is transported to an alternate universe where they are transformed into teenage girls attending Canterlot High School.



  1. Pink PVC Skater Skirt

  2. Precis Petite Pleat Front Jersey Top

  3. Iron on Pink Heart Iron on Patch

  4. Short Sleeve Cotton Bolero Top

  5. Blue GoGo Boots

  6. L. Erickson Silk Charmeuse Bridal Obi Sash

  7. Hot Pink Long Curly Wig

  8. My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Cutie Marks Embroidered Patch

  9. Chewbeads Charles Bangle Deep Blue Sea

  10. Blue & Pink Hair Bows

  11. Candy Pink Polka Dots Party Hats

  12. Foil Party Horns with Tassel


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