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Epic Everyday Cosplay: How to Stay Classy like Ron Burgundy


Posted December 18, 2013 by


The legendary Channel 4 News Cast is back in theatres today in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and we have a full report on that timeless Burgundy Style. This time the team is heading to New York for the launch of the first ever 24-hour news network and become their news crew. But times are changing and Ron and the rest of the gang will have to move with the times if they want to succeed. Channel 4’s lead anchor, Ron,is best known for his signature mustache, ability to play the jazz flute and love of scotch (scotchy-scotch-scotch). Ron is a stylish 1970’s man; he favours well tailored suits, perfectly quaffed hair and is kind of a big deal.  We’ve included a slim fit suit in a classic burgundy, white leather shoes, striped tie and a manly time-piece to create a look worthy of Mr. Burgundy.



  1. Paul Smith Red Slim-Fit Cotton Suit Jacket

  2. Paul Smith Red Straight-Leg Cotton Suit Trousers

  3. River Island White Poplin Shirt

  4. Tommy Bahama “Pagota” Driving Shoe

  5. Brook Brothers Track Satin Stripe Tie

  6. Rubie’s Basic Character Moustache

  7. Dreyfuss & Co Men’s Seafarer Automatic Leather Strap Watch

  8. Sur La Table® Ribbed Whiskey Decanter

  9. No.5 Whiskey Glass

  10. Nickel Student Flute


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