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A Morrigan Cosplay That is Sure to Bewitch You


Posted January 21, 2014 by


Quite the beauty, Morrigan is, but the stunning Witch of the Wilds is much more than her looks. Morrigan – whose first appearance was in the highly acclaimed Dragon Age: Origins, seemed to create quite the gray area for fans: either you hated her, loved her, or hated to love her. With her snarky comments and sarcastic demeanor, the woman was more than capable of causing her companions to flare their nostrils, or dare to go toe to toe with her with snide remarks of their own. Sure, Morrigan’s nose might be slightly stuck in the air – but whose wouldn’t with the abilities she possesses?


Dragon Age: Origins first released back in 2009, and to this day fans are left talking about it. The game itself followed a Grey Warden whose sole purpose was to defeat the blight the Darkspawn had inflicted and destroy the Archdemon. Amongst the handful of companions players were given to choose from was the feisty Morrigan, whose brutal tongue-lashings match the caliber of her magical abilities. A downfall in Morrigan’s history might be that Dragon Age 2 lacked the presence of the ‘takes no sh–’ from no one woman. Dragon Age Inquisition, however, plans to bring her back – if her cameo in the trailer wasn’t hint enough that she’d soon be stirring up chaos once more.


It’s no surprise that women have taken a liking to cosplaying as Morrigan, as the witch represents a strong woman figure whose ambitions in life are not tethered to a man. Not only has Holland Tayloe Gendey given her Morrigan cosplay a special twist – taking both canon Morrigan and merging her with early concept art of the character, but she has miraculously brought this character to life. No longer is she a jaded woman only accumulated by pixels, but now she lives and breathes. Thanks, Holland Tayloe Gendey for giving the fans of Dragon Age: Origins – and Morrigan in general, a cosplay that they truly deserve.


Photography by Mike Caffrey.

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