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An Epic Gender-bent Taric Cosplay That is Both Functional and Stylish


Posted January 16, 2014 by


Photography by Elysiam Entertainment

When it comes to epic cosplays, League of Legends cosplays have stolen the spot light at conventions everywhere. It is unlikely that you will see just one League cosplayer wandering around a convention alone. In fact, just like strategically working together as a team is imperative in the game, cosplayers often work together for months in order to craft some of the most unforgettable cosplay groups out there.


Photography by Eminence Rain

It is easy to see just why these cosplay groups seem as if they are family when you see them walking around a convention together—after all, they have devoted countless hours building their skills to work together as the perfect team both in and out of the game. While each convention has its fair share of League cosplays, in August of 2013, Otakon in Baltimore had several unforgettably epic League cosplays, including Danielle Beaulieu’s stunning gender-bent creation of Taric, a Gem Knight who prides himself as serving as protector as he diligently fights in the League.


Photography by Eminence Rain

Gender-bent creations are always amazing to see in the community, as cosplayers spend countless hours putting their own special twists on some of the most epic characters out there, in order to make the character’s costume look as if it were meant just for them. It certainly takes a certain level of creativity to change a character’s costume design so that it fits their body perfectly, while still staying true to the costume’s original design. Danielle has done an outstanding job at crafting her version of Taric’s epic silver armor that is encrusted with the captivating teal crystals and gems that Taric relies on in order to draw his power.


Photography by Anna Cosplay Photography

While Danielle did create an armor that is smaller than Taric’s original armor, if you look close enough you can see that she still incorporated small key details that are still true to Taric’s original design, such as her strategic placement of how each of the gems and crystals are set in order to similarly match Taric’s. You can clearly see just how much League cosplayers, including Danielle, are truly some of the most epic cosplayers at conventions if you visit Danielle’s Facebook page where she has posted some adorably fun pictures for her fans to enjoy!


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