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This Cosplay of Lady from Devil May Cry is Killing it!


Posted January 15, 2014 by


Photography by Taka

She is cute and sexy, but don’t get her wrong, she can definitely kick some booty using her greatest weapon– her hatred of all things demon. She associates with Dante but most of the time is a freelance demon hunter, using her totally original weapon, named Kalina-Ann, which is a customized missile launcher.  She is also skilled in acrobatics and close-quartered combat. Her most discernible features are her dark hair and, of course, her different colored eyes.


Photography by TaisiaFlyagina

Her birth name was Mary; however, she renounced the name her father gave her after he killed her mother. Dante eventually called her Lady when she refused to tell him her name. Lady first makes her appearance in Devil May Cry 3 and the spinoff manga and animated series, where she is the narrator, telling the audience how she first met Dante and Virgil. She also makes appearances in Devil May Cry 4 and Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, but never as a playable character.


Photography by Grigoriy Volodkin

This amazing cosplay of the lovely Lady is done by Narga-Lifestream. She took this character and made her come to life, looking as if she is currently fighting demons, this picture is perfection. Everything from the contacts to the little plaid school-girl skirt is dead on.


Photography by TaisiaFlyagina


For more of Narga’s work, visit her Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantART pages!

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