Everyday Epic Cosplay: An Ensemble Inspired by The Flash


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Do you absolutely love Grant Gustin as Barry Allen? I definitely do and I am in love with the CW series The Flash. Although I never really followed The Flash comic books I would say it is never too late to dive in and this series makes me want to. From his adorable face to his love for Iris West, Barry Allen is sure to steal your heart. From action to comedy this show has it all and is proving to be a fan favorite. Seriously how awesome was the recent Flash Vs Arrow two day event?

Want to show your love for the fastest man alive? Well now you can look like you have been struck by lightning after a particle accelerator blast in this epic Everyday Flash cosplay featuring handmade items from Etsy! If you haven’t been able to watch the series I would definitely recommend getting started.

The Flash Everyday Cosplay

Big Bang Theory Flash Women’s T-Shirt

H&M denim shorts
$9.43 – hm.com

Converse shoes

Gold jewelry

Nickel free earrings




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