A Killer Cosplay of Resident Evil’s Ada Wong


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When it comes to outstanding survival games, one name triumphs: Resident Evil. While it started as just a video game franchise, it has since branched out to comics, novels, films and merchandise. The player controls a character fighting against the Umbrella Corp. and their deadly virus that’s been unleashed known as the T-Virus. Zombies are one form of the T-virus but it also branches out into other monsters.


One of the top names in the Resident Evil series would be the incredibly attractive Ava Wong. But don’t get too cozy, fans, Ada is as deadly as she is attractive and you can never be too sure where her loyalties lie. Her femme fatale style, charisma and charm are a perfect match for the fast paced direction the game has taken since its early puzzle solving days.

captured at Sydney Smash! 2013 © Jeren Tan

Ally’s cosplay of the sexy spy lives up to Ada Wong’s reputation, donning her signature sultry red dress from Resident Evil 4, complete with deep side cut to show off her gun holster. A black ribbon around her neck compliments the trim on the top of her dress and her short, dark and edgy hairstyle and makeup.



For more of Ally’s cosplay work, visit her Twitter and DeviantART pages!


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Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei


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