Epic Everyday Cosplay: Get Infected by Ellie’s Style

The Last of Us Movie
The Last of Us Movie
The Last of Us Movie

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As an orphan in a world where the majority of the population is plagued by the Cordyceps Brain Infection, Ellie spent her childhood in a military quarantine zone in Boston. While venturing outside, she is bitten by one of the infected and soon finds out she is the only human known to be immune to the virus. The Fireflies, an anti-government militia group, manage to smuggle her out of Boston in hopes to reverse-engineer a cure. She may only be fourteen years old, but she is one tough cookie who is hell bent on staying alive along with the help of Joel. and although their relationship starts off rocky, they come to rely on each other through the game. Ellie is brave and witty with a tendency to use profane language to get her point across. Like most post-apocalyptic style, Ellie’s fashion sense is more functional than fashionable, pairing layered t-shirts with jeans and sneakers. We’ve included her trusty switchblade, hunting rifle and backpack (buttons included!) as accessories worthy of Clicker killing.



  1. Much Needed Merch Ellie Costume Women’s T-Shirt

  2. AE Real Soft Fireside Sweater

  3. Tru Religion Billy Straight Super T Jeans

  4. Tumi ‘Alpha Bravo – Knox’ Backpack

  5. Chuck Taylor All Star ‘Dainty’ Sneaker

  6. Ellie’s Button Set from The Last of Us

  7. Meula Hunting Knife

  8. Grizzly Rifle Replica Cap Gun


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Guest Contributor