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Be Wary of this Street Fighter’s Poison Kiss


Posted February 26, 2014 by


Many fans are familiar with Final Fight’s incredibly sexy girl, Poison. Her trademark long pink hair and scarce bad-girl attire have her standing out in the crowd. Despite only having predominately cameo appearances, she is one of the most popular characters from the Street Fighter/Final Fight universe.


There is a history of controversy with Poison’s gender in the Street Fighter universe. Originally planned to be female, Poison and her friend Roxy were later changed to be transsexual females because of a potential concern with violence against women in a video game. To date, the sex of Poison remains ambiguous and up to the audience to decide. It is without a doubt though that Poison is definitely sexy as she wields a riding crop as her weapon and rocks some incredibly short Daisy Dukes.


The lovely Nikki Evans has several cosplays under her belt ranging from Harley Quinn to Yuffie Kisaragi. She rocks the sexy Poison and really brings her to life in her photo shoot with Key Taylor. She has all the details of Poison’s outfit from the cropped white shirt to her seductive pink eyes. Don’t get sucked into her sex appeal though, she has a mean kiss.




If you’re a fan of this Poison cosplay, you will be sure to love these Street Fighter babes!

Written by Guest Contributor: CaydenVierra

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor