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Lisa Garland’s Epic Living Nightmare: A Truly Haunting Cosplay


Posted October 14, 2013 by


Oh wow! October is flying by! Before you know it, Halloween will be knocking on your front door with its cold dead hands, so we hope that you have narrowed down your top picks for a costume this year! Are you still pacing the floor trying to decide on what costume you want to make for Halloween this year? Well, that is what we are here for! With only a few weeks left, you definitely want to decide soon! We have found yet another epic horrifying cosplay to share with you guys! This Lisa Garland cosplay by the beautiful French cosplay artist known as lucioleeteinte on DeviantArt is absolutely amazing!


Silent Hill has to be one of the creepiest games out there, and fans everywhere have made some great cosplay creations that have sent chills through our bodies. Lucioleeteinte has embodied the beautiful blonde nurse so well here. In her white scrub dress with her red cardigan and her simple white nurse hat, lucioleeteinte demonstrates how very important it is to become the character by taking on their emotions. In Silent Hill, our hearts went out to Lisa as we watched her slowly try to piece together her lonely puzzle. We can clearly see that lucioleeteinte is confused and afraid here, as she lives out a horrible nightmare that no one should ever have to experience.


Lisa Garland would be a great character to choose this Halloween, because you could easily team up with friends to do a group cosplay without having to spend too much money. Characters such as Harry and Lisa are great for closet cosplay! Our dearest Rexluna has made a great video that you can find under our DIY cosplay section, where she talks more about beginner tips and the perks of closet cosplay! Most importantly, remember that you should have fun over the next few weeks—October flies by so quickly and we wouldn’t want you to find yourself living in a cosplay nightmare all alone! Reach out to a friend, and see what you two can come up with to make this Halloween as unforgettable as lucioleeteinte’s truly haunting cosplay of the lonely Lisa Garland.




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