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Endure The Darkness With This Cosplay of Silent Hill’s Heather


Posted October 2, 2013 by


October is home to the spookiest month of the year: Halloween.  Whether you go trick-or-treating or run a horror movie marathon, chances are you are sure to be scared out of your wits at some point this month.  In honor of all the creepy, goretastic fun that will become of this month, we will be hosting a month-long coverage of all of the best horror-themed cosplays to grace the scene.  From characters in horror games, to characters in horror films, you’ll surely be getting your horror fix through All That’s Cosplay this month.


Ten years ago, many of us were playing Silent Hill 3 in the middle of the night, alone in our rooms, nestled under a warm fuzzy blanket that somehow offered us a sense protection and comfort, as we were forced to play with the lights turned down low while we constantly strained our eyes in order to try and see what horrifying monster was waiting for us around each bloodstained corner. While there have been nine utterly chilling games in the series, Silent Hill 3 has remained a favorite for many of its fans due to its rich ensnaring storyline that had to be uncovered through solving puzzles and riddles while paying attention to even the smallest of details.


Not only did we feel constantly frightened throughout the game, we also felt cold and alone as we played as the young protagonist who has spent her life hiding from a formidable unknown darkness that has continuously sought after her. You have to admire her ability to maintain her cool as she spends countless hours trying to uncover each faded detail of her past in order to eliminate the persistent darkness that has recently forced her to redefine suffering.


We were blown away when we first saw the talented Canadian cosplayer who has personified Heather’s character with such precision. Tamar Wolfe has paid attention to the finest of details, such as adding an old-school black digital watch that rests over one of her orange wristbands. She has made sure to incorporate the small flashlight that is imperative for survival in her front vest pocket, as well as an old, long steel pipe that is commonly used to beat monsters to a bloody pulp. We love how she has elevated her embodiment of Heather by working with photographer Kevin Chan to compile several scenes that just might have you planning a throwback game day to relive the experience of kicking in monsters’ heads as you endure the darkness.



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